Living as a College Student

Living As A College Student Thesis Statement: The life of typical college student is characterized by the time spent studying, attending class and socializing with peers. Essay: People’s life is full of activities. Everyday, every time and every part of their life, activities are always around them.

People are really busy with their own activities, for example working in the office, teaching, caring the children, rescuing people, studying and many others. Most of them enjoy their activities and love to do it. They have target to finish it well on the time.

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Nonetheless, for those of teenagers, doing the duty as student is something compulsory. Take for example teenagers as a college student, which sometimes feel bored and hard in spending the time of their life. The life of typical college student is characterized by the time spent studying, attending class and socializing with peers.

Living as a college student is a hard way to go through, that may be so. In fact, most of college students –it’s mean not all of them- spend their time to studying the lesson which are they don’t understand yet or studying lesson for the next meeting. They study it over and over again to get full understanding.

What they have get and find sometimes are beyond their expectations –they could be understand about it or maybe don’t understand at all-. The students may be proud if they could understand it well, but if they don’t, they will repeat again and again or not a few of them be opting to stop studying.

For the students who keep studying, they will more busy with it. They will try to find the answer –in their mind- of what they don’t get it yet, in other sources in various media. They will try hard to complete the knowledge as they could. Every student will be ready so much if they have known about the lesson well.

They ready to get in the class and attend the class confidently.

The students -who are ready-, will receive new knowledge easily and learn better. Being a college student means take time to study. The college students should be attending class every time they have schedule. They also should be waiting for the lectures and have attending other classes –with the same or different lesson- if the lectures have attending-disturbance. The college students will re-schedule their class to attend.

If on the previous time the students usually studying from Monday to Friday, they could be attending class on weekend because of the re-scheduling.

Another activities as a college student is socializing with peers. It is something more regular than other things or other people. Students could spend their time by discussion or study together. They usually do it with peers, because they feel free to do anything each other. There are almost no boundaries between peers.

Students usually well adjust to their environment. They are finding friend mostly by doing activities together, such as doing homework together, reading books in the library, going to the canteen, hanging out and many others.

From all appearance, a job or a duty is not always troublous. People just need to relax and enjoy it. Everything will be easier if we feel happy when we do it. Being a student –especially college student- is not always damnation –although sometime is true-, but this is a blessedness.

Spending time to study something new is just awesome. Attending classes and meet with another people –that you have known or have not known yet- also socializing with them are something amazing. Though college students’ time mostly spend for something like that, but many of them have great chances outside world.