Author's Block

I have Author’s Block right now. I’m just going to talk about how Author’s Block is contagious.

Because that’s a good idea, right? I guess I don’t totally have Author’s Block. So Author’s Block is kind of like actually building blocks. Imagine everyone in Mrs. Riddle’s Creative Writing 2 class for 1st period all being a building block. The person that gets really good ideas to write about in a second, will be at the top of the tower of building blocks. I’m somewhere near the bottom, because I never really think of anything interesting to write about.

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I mean, the last Kidblog entry before “The Blank Kidblog Entry (Not Really)” was a suggestion from a fellow classmate, who would probably be near the top of the stack. But here’s what I mean about Author’s block being contagious, and why I’m putting people at the top of the tower (of building blocks, which you already knew) and why I’m putting myself at the bottom. So I have Author’s Block, so now I’m a block, yay! But there’s one giant invisible person (not really I’m just making that up, but just think about it) and that person is stacking us, the building blocks. So I’m probably first. Then someone else is scrolling through Kidblog, trying to find ideas to write about. Suddenly, he sees someone that has Author’s Block (me), and it’s not long that he soon gets it too, because maybe I’m the only one that he gets ideas from.

Then the giant invisible guy or girl, you never know, puts him on top of me. That actually sounds very weird, but it makes at least a little sense if you’re actually paying attention to what I’m writing. By the way, this tower is just going to be building blocks continuously put on top of each other, not on the side or anything like that. Then the next victim is scrolling through Kidblog, then he sees that two flipping people have flipping Author’s Block. That’s one to many flippings.

Anyways, the other person usually gets their ideas from the first victim, who usually gets his ideas from me. So they get Author’s Block too. Then it keeps going until the last person sees that all his/her classmates has Author’s Block! Then they can’t think of anything that they usually do, because there are no stories. Maybe the comments are all gone too, because you can’t comment on a blank entry, that only says, “Well hey, I got Author’s Block, good for me!” Then that last person gets Author’s Block, and the giant invisible person cries because first of all, it’s probably a little kid, and second of all, they ran out of blocks, which would explain the first reason for their sorrow. So if you think about it, Author’s Block is a disease, and you don’t want it, so always, and I mean always, think of something to write about. Do not be the person that is me when you are writing.