Average Day of High School

My first day of high school is a pretty average day. I have a routine everyday that I follow. I sit in the great hall and talked with friends. The bell would ring and everyone goes to their locker and get ready for class. Everyone is looking forward to the only break during the day and this is lunch.

The final thing is when the bell rings and everyone goes home. Every on usually gets to school at around 7:20 am. When I get there I walk and go put my lunch on the cart and sit in the same spot everyday. Some people sit there and talk about what happened over the weekend or the day before. Other sat there and quickly did there homework before they go to class.

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At 7:40 am the bell rings to go to class. This is the part of the day nobody is looking forward to. We have 6 minutes to go to our first class. We all go to our lockers and start unpacking all of the thing we brought home for the night before. We are looking for ours friends that share the same first hours class to walk together.

The thing that we are looking forward to is lunch. This is one of the only breaks we have during the day. Everyone wants to know what is for lunch. There are some people that run to lunch and there are others that take there time and show up a few minutes late. You have to find your friends and sit with them and talk about what happened during the day.

Every one favorite part of the day is going home. You have to go to your locker to get what you need for you homework for the night. I have practice after school and I look forward to and if people don’t have practice they almost run to their car or bus to go home. When you go home you need to do your homework for the next day but some people what for the next day. This is the average first day of school for everyone and what happens.

Every one had the same routine everyday and does almost the same thing. We all go to class and learn the same things. We all look forward to lunch and going home after school. This is the average day of a normal highschooler.