Awareness to Genocide

Did you know that the Holocaust was not the last major genocide? Other genocides have occurred since the Holocaust and the genocides have similar characteristics to the Holocaust. The Rwandan genocide for example, has similar characteristics to the holocaust. As both the Tutsis and the Jews were killed because of racial impurity.

There have been many other genocides since the holocaust and there will be many others in the future but if we learn about past genocides maybe the future ones can be prevented. The Rwandan genocide was one of the most significant genocides since the holocaust and should be the genocide to compare to the holocaust due to its amount of causalities in such a short period of time. It involved two groups of people in the country of Rwanda called the Hutus (Nazis) and the Tutsis (Jews). The Hutus believed that the Tutsis were impure and deserved to be wiped out. The Hutus began to commit genocide against the Tutsis with public executions, raids, murder, etc.

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The Hutus managed to kill off 800,000 people within a 100 day period before the United Nations got involved. The Nazis managed to kill around 6 million people within a 4 year period while The Hutus managed to kill almost a tenth of that total within a 100 day period. The genocide in Rwanda was different from the holocaust in many ways. One way was that everybody around the world knew what was happening in Rwanda while many people did not know of the Holocaust until the death camps were found. Another way was the Nazi were very organized in killing Jews and good at keeping it a secret to outside powers but in Rwanda, The Hutus did not care, they would hold public executions of people who helped Tutsis and who were Tutsi.

The Nazis also used more advanced ways of killing like gas chambers and work camps while the Tutsi used more basic ways like guns and machetes. The Nazis and Hutus were not totally different as they did have some similarities in their genocides. Both the Nazis and The Hutus believed they were superior to their enemies and believed that their enemies should be killed because of their impurity. In both genocides, propaganda was used to make the killing of Jews and Tutsis acceptable and encouraged. Also the outside world was informed about the genocides in both instances but took no action to stop these genocides from continuing. The Jews and the Tutsis were killed in mass numbers in the genocides.

The Rwandan genocide could have been prevented if the outside world would have learned from the holocaust to not disregard warnings about possible genocide taking place. While the Rwandan genocide was not the most recent genocide, it was worth comparing to the holocaust because of all the casualties in a short period of time. Both of the holocaust and the Rwandan genocide were different in some ways. Both were mainly eerily similar to each other in about how the Nazis and Hutus believed they were the master race. The only way for us to stop genocide is to learn about it and take action if ever one occurs again.