The X-Men and Genocide

Genocide has occurred on several different instances. Some have taken place in a span of years while others in just a few days. Genocide is the acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, or religious group. Most genocides have been carried out in eight stages; classification, symbolization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination, and denial. Some people have even brought in the theme of genocide into movies especially in the science fiction genre.

For example, in the film X-Men: The Last Stand directed by Bret Ratner, the theme of genocide can be seen to a great extent as well as the stages of dehumanizations and organization. Dehumanization can be found when one group denies the humanity of another group. One example of this is X-Men: The Last Stand is when Magneto, a mutant, rounds up the Brotherhood saying that, “We are the cure for the Homo sapiens.” Here he is referring to normal people as a disease that the mutants are the “cure” for the humans. Another example of this in the film is how Magneto says, “What a shame. She was so beautiful.

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” In regards to Mystique, a mutant as well, after being shot with the mutant “cure” and being transformed into a “normal” human. During the film, Worthington Labs creates a “cure” for the mutant gene and begins to mass produce it. The lab then begins to have their guards carry them as a weapon in their guns. Genocide is a group crime and needs to be highly organized. The organization is a key part in any genocide. An example of this in X-Men: The Last Stand is when Worthington Labs begin to produce the mutant “cure” as a weapon for thief guards to use against the mutants if they do decide to attack.

Another example of organization in the spoken film is when Magneto is speaking to the Brotherhood saying, “It’s what we all want!” Here Magneto is referring to a group of people that all want to destroy the human race before they destroy their kind, that being the mutant race. Having a group of people following someone clearly needs organization for everyone to be willing to carry out the action. On the whole, the audience can see how this science fiction film shows clear representation and reference to genocide. The eight stages are clearly seen and understood in a thought provoking way. Even though this film is, after all entertainment, the themes it brings to light are real and can be seen in the world today. Science fiction is a great tool to express serious themes using altered scientific principles.

In this film the audience can see the use of non-human races, gene-engineering, and experimental medicine as conditions for the science fiction genre.