When people hear the word they usually think of Hitler and Jews, but that’s not all what genocide is about. In the Oxford Dictionary the meaning of genocide is ‘the deliberate killing of people in mass groups.’ When you actually take time to think about the definition it can mean many things. The one question that people mose normally come up with when the read the meaning is, what then is the difference between genocide and a mass killing on the street or 9/11. There are a lot of differences for that first off genocide is over a period of time, not all in one day.

Also letting something be called a genocide it needs to have eight attributes. Classification- us and them. Symbolism- a symbol. Dehumanization- denial of humanity. Organization- Usually by the state. Polarization- extremist drive groups apart.

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Prepare Ization- Identified and separated. Extermination- Mass killing. Denial- deny. The denial comes after the genocide, when people who were part of the killings (murders) say that nothing happened, or that it wasn’t wrong etc. In genocide, people’s voices get silenced, or they get a new voice, they are determined to tell the world what they had been through. Along with their voice is their identity.

This is mainly because of diaspora, (the movement of mass people.) They become confused as to where they belong, because they don’t seem to fit in anywhere. Here’s a story: My teacher’s great-grandparents were exiled from China uring the cultural revolution.. They then moved with their families to Taiwan.

They then settled down in Taiwan, my teacher’s parents got married and moved to America. Then after my teacher had been born, my teacher’s dad had to go back to China for a business trip. He stayed in China for a few years and came back. When he came back he was more comfortable here then he had been in China. In China, even though he was Chinese, he was set apart by the way he dressed and talked etc. He then had no clue of who he was or where he was actually supposed to call his home.

Because his family was exiled from China,.they moved to Taiwan and now he lives in America. Genocide causes a lot of negative affects of their victims than positive affects. The most saddest was not knowing where you belong.