Can Genocide be Justified When Given a Reasonable Reason?

Genocide is a deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Many people do this just because of religious purposes or just because of pure hatred.

However, genocide can drive people out of their homes as well as reconcile their old life with their new one and struggle with trauma even after the genocide was gone and just seeing many people dead and many lives lost is not good for people’s, especially children’s, health. Therefore, genocide is by all means the most horrible acts that can be exercised by one humanity to another humanity for no justifiable purpose and benefit. A young girl named Clemantine and her sister, Claire, are from Africa who had been experiencing genocide at a very young age. Due to the horrors of the genocide, their father stopped working after dark and kept all lights of their houses off. Also, Clemantine and Claire was forced to move from house to house to escape the genocide.

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Even adults would suffer and be uncomfortable if they had to move from house to house and Clemantine and Claire were not even adults yet;they were not even adolescences, but just a mere children. They had to carry their small bodies to house to house and as they moved from house to house, they also stayed in a lot of refugee camps from five of the nations in Africa while seeing things that they were not supposed to at an early age along the way. One day, they were told to walk away and go anywhere else where genocide wasn’t present. So, Clemantine and Claire walked. Even though hope was lost, they still wrote their names on the ground so maybe, just maybe, one of their family members can see it and find them and bring them to safety.

That didn’t happen though. While walking, Clemantine and her sister crossed rivers, where dead bodies were floating about. Clemantine said that she thought that those bodies were just sleeping in the river. Would anybody want their children to see dead bodies floating around in a river? This is inappropriate for children and it’s sad to see a child thinking dead people were just sleeping. At the end, they did escape the genocide “physically”, but probably never will mentally.

Many people get traumas after a traumatic event. And surely, genocide is included as a “traumatic event”. Clemantine said later on, when they were even on safety, Claire’s eyes were wild, as if she’d finally gone crazy. Clemantine herself, was still groping around the genocide incident. In short, she has trauma over the incident.

Many people say nothings lasts forever. That might not be fully true. The horrible incidents may be gone now as in physically, but the trauma stays alive. People who have faced some horrible incidents still cope over that incident and those traumas may not be cured at all if its even possible. Through these sufferings, it’s clear that a genocide can never be justifiable.

No matter what excuse it may have, no matter what case it is, it is still unjustifiable. Many people suffer from it and die from it and human lives are to be valued. Living his or her life in fear, witnessing so many deaths, and having trauma that probably is going to last forever are the final results of the whole genocide. These results are not pretty;they are definitely not at all a happy ending. So, through these results and reasons, we can clearly state that genocide is never justifiable.