Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation refers to amendment made within a system so as to embrace individuals with various proven needs. This forbids inequity based on color, race, religion, national origin, sex and disability.

Rules and policies have been enacted to make reasonable accommodations so that people with disability may enjoy equal services and opportunities without giving them an unfair advantage. These accommodations may vary; they include education, employment, public venues, courts, or religiously affiliated and only the law mandates them. For instance, in the United States, Candidates who have life term conditions that include hearing problems, visual, or certain learning problems which may hinder them from participating in their examinations and affect their performance negatively. They apply to the examinations commission of the state, through their education providers and school to get reasonable accommodation so as to enable them to undertake their exams. These accommodations are anticipated to enhance a good environment for the learner. Whereby disability is overlooked and thus enables the candidate to have the opportunity of performing to their level.

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However, the application for reasonable accommodation in this education situation is only consented by a consultative group that deals precisely with examinations, and it requires a lot of expertise to make the decisions wisely. A lot of care is emphasized when a candidate fills the application form for examination accommodation. The form should contain adequate information about the learner, so as to be an eligible applicant and not miss out on the opportunity of getting an accommodation. The commission approves the candidate’s application by providing a descriptive note that has all the details expounding how the learner was assessed. This is normally attached to the candidate’s examination certificate.

The different accommodations that can be made include written examinations, exclusion from certain examinations components, and aural and oral examinations. If a candidate is not contented with the decision in regard of getting an accommodation, they have the freedom to access autonomous appeal forum. Reasonable accommodation aims at giving persons with disabilities equivalent basis. All human beings have a right to enjoy their life and the fact that disability is not lack of ability. Only when given the environment to do so enabling them to perform to their level.