Back to school, Back to hell

Some would describe high school as being an endless barrage of monotony and judgement. People complain about the cliques, the stupidity, the feelings of being an outcast and a loser, and of course, the homework. I do not share these feelings. Yes, high school isn’t always fun. And yes, there are many things about it that are frustrating. But really, it’s what you make out of it.

It’s so easy to complain about the things you want to change, or the things you wish were better. What makes a difference though, is when you actually make an effort to change something or to make your experience better. I admit, I’ve done my share of complaining about the things I dislike about my high school. But some people make no effort to be happy or have a positive experience. This is not only true in high school, but in life. If you go through life complaining about what’s going wrong, and wondering why things aren’t going your way, you’re going to miss out on the good things that are happening.

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It’s important to maintain your realistic outlook on life, however. There needs to be a balance between never seeing negativity, and only seeing it. Don’t dwell on the things that go wrong; and definitely don’t complain about them all the time. Now, to return to the main point. High school might not be fun all the time. But to everyone who isn’t having a very good time, look at the possible reasons.

Are you mean to people? Are you in a bad mood a fair amount of the time? Do you try so hard to fit in with the people you think are “cool” that you forget about the real friends you have? Instead of complaining that no one understands you, and no one likes you, look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Don’t do it to fit in; do it because you want to feel better about yourself. Once you stop doing things to get someone else’s approval, the strangest thing happens; people actually like you a lot better. It’s the attitude that you’re your own person and you don’t care if someone dislikes you. As long as you don’t become an unlikable person who thinks they can do whatever they want to gain popularity (that will not win you any friends), your new school year might turn out to be a good school year.

Some may say high school is about popularity, but I disagree with that as well. It’s about realizing that you aren’t cemented to one single role. You aren’t branded with one image for your whole life. It’s about making mistakes, but being responsible enough to fix it. And finally, it’s about not taking life so seriously.

High school isn’t the only thing in your future. How well you do might decide what you become, but it doesn’t decide who you are.