Mistakes About Standardized Tests

Ban Standardized TestOver one-third of students fail ISTEP every year and recent studies shows that “third grade students who fail ISTEP Language Arts have to repeat the third grade until they pass”. Some people believe that standardized test is the only way to determine whether a student passes or fail the next grade. I think that standardized test should not be the only source to determine a student’s academic growth or determine whether a student should pass or fail because some kids crack under pressure. Kids do not deserve to repeat the same grade due to one test. Standardized tests are unnecessary and should not be the only resource to determine if you fail or pass.

(www.education.com/)Some kids just aren’t good test takers some kids might know the test like the back of their hand, but just the fact kids know it’s a major test they attend to “choke” or freeze up during standardized test. Also many kids show growth in different ways such as kids might show growth by doing better on in class and homework and some kid prefer 1one1 help from a tutor or teacher to get a much better understanding of the topic or lesson, because if you think about it many people drop out of school due to the fact that test are overwhelming and too much stress on one kid.Many schools spend too much time prepping for unreliable tests and exams, blowing test out of proportion causing kids to stress over it throughout the entire year when that is not necessary. Teachers should prepare the kids for any and every thing that could possibly be on ISTEP or SAT’s this would help the kids be prepared for what’s coming their way instead of doing unnecessary projects and giving up too much free time, so you can’t blame it all on the students because the teachers play a major role in students success or failure.

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Also majority of standardized test are held in May which is an even bigger distraction for kids due to the fact that summer break is around the corner.Schools use standardized test as a rubric to show the students’ academic scores and there growth and some tests maybe accurate depending on the student but there Is no way that one test with less than 100 questions should determine a kids future especially if the kids did great during the year and just bombed the test due to stress and pressure, standardizes test have way too much power, one bad test should not affect the rest of somebody’s life academically wise, it’s just not fair and standardized test should not be allowed.