Banning Cell phones From Schools

Did you know that people are thinking about banning cell phones off school ground across the world? I think it isn’t right. Students need cell phones to keep in contact with their parents and maybe their parents told them to keep it with them at all time’s. Also, cell phones are important to everyone in the school district. Even teachers need them. Think about it!!! There’s no doubt cell phones have there doubts like texting in school, and showing them to there friends. But some kids need to keep in contact with their parents if there’s an emergency.

Who do you think they’ll listen to first parents or teachers? Parents will get upset if they can’t reach their child. Another reason is that some of ours parents these days want their child to keep their phone with them so no one will steal it. Maybe you don’t know but kids these days steal and won’t sat a thing about it. So I can see where they’re coming from. I wouldn’t won’t my phone getting token either. So why not let them keep it on school ground.

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Most teachers at schools have cell phones and use them daily. Why would you take them out if not if not only kids use them but teachers too? By taking it how will teachers keep in contact with their children and family members? Cell phones are an important part to our school district. Why take it away? Finally, cell phones and kids are like peas in a pod. That’s why I’m trying to say don’t take cell phones away from school properties. They are a big thing these days for everyone and as much as you need them they need you. So lets stick together and write letters to the district to say that cell phones stay.