Cell Phones During School

Aren’t cell phones useful in the real world? We use them to socialize; we use them to communicate. Well they are also useful during school. Some ways cell phones are useful during school is it’s a way to get help in an emergency and they act as an academic resource In case of emergency cell phones are useful to students. If a school shooting happens students can call for help. “99% of parents want their child to contact them in a dangerous situation” (Hamilton 38). Yen, a junior at Manhattan’s Washington Irving High, said “Students need their phones for emergencies.

The ban is a problem because you never know what could happen” (Clark). If school closes early because of weather or if a tornado happens like in Enterprise, Alabama on March 1, 2007, eight students died when a tornado hit school, the students could call parents to let them know they are okay. “84% of parents want child to contact them during school.” (Hamilton 38).” Parents can keep in touch with their children during school.

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Sending them a text message or leaving them a voice mail when they need to tell them something that cannot wait until the end of the school day”(Smithe). Students could use their cell phones as an academic resource as well. Most cell phones have a calendar on them. This lets child to record homework assignments and due dates. Having their homework on their phones could make it less likely for them to forget to do it.

If a student has a smart phone he can do researches on the phone when he needs information for a project.”It’s kind of ridiculous that we think we can’t survive without a cell phone when people did it for thousands of years,” said Elisa, 14, freshman at Stuyvesant. “But now that they have this invented, we should use it” (Clark). It would be better for everyone if students could use their cell phones during school. A cell phone is a useful tool: it can help in dangerous situations and it provides easy access to information.

Just like people use cell phones in the real world to communicate and to socialize, students use them as a way to get help in an emergency and as an academic recourse. So why are they banning cell phones during school if it is very useful.