Cell Phones in School?

Take the time to think about this. Kids should be able to have their cell phones with them at all times, even during the school day. Because what if something important happens outside of school and you need to be notified they could just txt you, or if we need a quick calculator, our phones have calculators in them also if we need something to do when we need t be quiet we could txt. These are some of the reasons that the school system shouldn’t ban cellular devices. First of all, cell phones can keep kids occupied.

For example, after kids take a test or a quiz they seem to want to talk, but if teachers said said they could txt if they were quiet, bet you they would comprehend with that and txt until everybody was done. Second of all, kids are in math class or dealing with math. Instead of them raising their hand and make you stop what you are doing and possibly disturb the class, they could quietly pull out there cell phone and use the calculator on it. That would be a lot quicker and quieter than having to make you bring them a calculator don’t you think? Last but not least, what if a parent or a guardian or adult needs to notify you about something and it’s an emergency, then they can just hit up your cell phone. For example what if your house is on fire? That’s an emergency and you should be notified right away. If my house was on fire I know I would want to know wouldn’t you? Others may argue that it could be a problem to have cell phones on and in the school building, but there are some advantages to it.

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Like I said earlier if there was an emergency if they txt or call you then the person can notify you right away. That’s why cell phones shouldn’t be banned from school or school grounds.