What?No cell phones in school?

Pssh! No cell phones in school? Kids can use their phones for many reasons but these are my three reasons. They can use it for an education resource, if theirs a fire or shooting they can call for help, and parents also can contact their child if something bad happens in the family. Therefore we should have phones in school.

First of all, they can use the phone to research things for projects in school. For example, one day in school we were going outside to take pictures of nature for our projects, and we could use our phones. Also if we needed to look up a definition on their phones instead of looking through dictionary’s. Next reason is, if there is a fire or a shooting at the school the kids can call for help. Like if I was in the bathroom and some girl start a fire I could call the firefighters, and then go and pull the fire alarm so that everyone will get out of the school and be safe. Others argue that phone start shootings and fires and fights, but I on the other hand, don’t believe they start anything they just help out.

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Last but not least, a parent can contact their kids if something bad happens in their family while they are at school. An example of this, was when my best friend got a text message from her aunt, because her mom and dad got into a fight and her dad shoot himself and her mom. So since she had her phone she knew that she wasn’t going home to her mom and dad. Therefore asking to get rid of cell phones in school is like telling the world to get rid of TV forever. Plus there is good side for phones in school.

So if you want your child to have their phone during school you need to fight for it.