Cell Phones Should be Allowed with Limitations

I think that cell phones should be allowed in school with limitations.

Students that have cell phones at school should be responsible enough to keep their phone in their pockets or in their back packs and only use them between class and at lunch time. Parents need to be responsible as well to find out what the rules are at the school and make sure their child understands the rules prior to the student being allowed to bring a cell phone to school. Cell phones should only be used if a student needs to contact their parent for reasons related to personal health, forgot school papers or lunch at home, if a school function has changed and will either be keeping’? them after school or has been cancelled. Unfortunately students disrespect the teachers by using their cell phones during class time. This means that the student is not paying attention to the lesson being taught at that time. Student’s using the cell phones during class causes a distraction to students as well as to the teacher.

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Students use the excuse they need the phone incase of emergencies but if there is an emergency in the family then the parent can contact the school to either get a message to the student or can be patched thru to the class room and talk to the student. Teachers should have the right to take the cell phone away from the student until the end of the class if the student is using the cell phone during class time without prior permission. I do not have a cell phone because my parents do not want me to have a distraction while at school. Cell phones are not just for incoming and out going calls any more they have internet access as well as games. If I really need to contact one of my parents then I can use the schools phone to make the call.