The Life of a Leader, Barack Obama Essay

Have you ever thought an African American would be president? Can you image all of the challenges and racism he went through? Obama went through school, college, and politics with various obstacles.

Barrack Obama faced many challenges and racism throughout his life.Obama had faced racism earlier on in his life. He was one of 3 black kids during his time at Punahou Academy. The article reads “He found what it meant to be an African American.” An interpretation of this quote could be that he was aware of what some people thought about African American and found out their struggle that they’ve been through for instance slavery or segregation.

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This was a challenge because if you think of it as if you were one of three people who are same race in school filled with other races back in times of change there is that strong possibility that you will get put down for your skin color.After college barrack got involved into politics and faced the challenge of running for senate of Illinois. He won senate and then tried to pass healthcare along with other dilemmas. Obama then became the chairman of Illinois senate’s health. When he became he chairman he had some fixing to do, like the health care services.

He eventually fixed the health care services and after he went to run for the president of the United States of America.In 2008 Obama was elected for president with a global economic recession in his hands. First of all there were two foreign wars that have proved a challenge for many years. Also it read that he had the lowest favorability rate. Interpretation of that could be that people didn’t really take a liking to him maybe for a number of reasons. He beat John McCain, could be his race, he beat Hilary Clinton.

The list could go on and on.Barrack Obama has confronted many obstacles on his way to becoming president. He’s been through college Illinois, and he is finally president. But he is only an ordinary man with extra-ordinary challenges.