Summary of Domestic Election Speech of Obama and Romney

Romney’s Speech Gov. Mitt Romney pointed out in his speech his opinions about America’s economy. America has hoped for economic stability wherein every college graduate would have a good job so that they could pat back their loans, every family would have good life. But, the current president failed the Americans. The economy even worsen in the administration of Obama because he posited a premise that Obama failed.

The President was not able to direct America to its right path. He pointed out that the current administration had no working experience with business and that he obtained the position lacking the basic qualification. The blame on Obama was vividly heard in the convention. Economic pain was exposed and personal disappointments of Americans were expressed however, our ancestors were a little discussed on behalf of their contributions to our freedom. In his speech, we have heard his little but precious plans for the nation wherein much emphasis is put on his five point plans for the country generating 12 million jobs for America. It focuses more on the following: domestic energy production, free trades agreements, skills development, deficit reduction, and cutting taxes and regulations.

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Furthermore, a biographical part of Romney’s life was accounted. Romney, in the next four years, wanted America to srpass its job crisis. He affirmed that his presidency would start with job tours. The citizens will be given specific skills necessary to present and future jobs. New trade contract would work in America whereas small business will be America’s bridge to growth and development of the US economy. In my point of view, Romney’s speech is okay but some of his thoughts of attacking the incumbent President Obama reveal the kind of aspiration that he will be the next US President.

The use of destructive line against him is his ploy to attack his political rival. His plans for the betterment of America are excellent, but there are no clear pictures of the allotted budget, tax and health care about them. What people want is a clarified and exact forecast. His biographical account was very powerful to persuade the public. His speech is his chance to convince people, but I do not think he was successful of doing it so. He lost the deal, because the Americans are already not satisfied with the economy.

Obama’s Speech On Monday, Obama faced the White House Press Corps to answer most questions revolving around presidential campaign and GOP presidential candidate-to-be Mitt Romney. As an opposition to what Gov. Romney attested that the US economy is far reaching its highest peak, Obama said that the administration is doing its job to uplift America from economic crises. He even attacked the words of Romney that he had failed America. In fact, he addressed issues about domestic and foreign affairs as well as jobs and the economy.

Moreover, middle class jobs will have a more specified plan. The endorsement of same sex marriage and abortions has been touched in the Democratic platform, which really differs from the other one. Moreover, as his reply to questions regarding Romney’s taxes, he affirmed that the life of the US president is an open book to the public. In four years, he visualizes America to have reformed health care and the bailout of auto industry. There will be given emphasis to the improvement of the economic situation for middle class Americans. He gave a vow of restoring relationship with Israel and equally situate to their close-up supporters.

In my opinion, the words of Obama seem to be contradicting in such a way that he announced his transparency with the public, but there is a list of protected and unreleased files, which the public did not see. His life has not been really an open book for everyone. I think that is a false claim the President declared. His words against Romney’s statement about his failure to US economy is commendable because he provided clarifications about the matter and plans to raise the declining status of the economy.