Barbara Norris Case Study

Therefore excellent to receive information on the unit but It is clear that Barbara didn’t or was unable to change or Influence the culture. Great thing Is that 29 people felt passionately to approach her to discuss Issues. – Off Site meeting: Well intended but Barbara clearly thought that it would go a different way (page 5 Para 5) with a positive input like she would do in the past, she failed to appreciate the results from the one on ones and put herself in that culture scenario. The fact that all members were not there would be an issue.

Barbara did attend and now has a clearer picture going forward. But has her timeline increase because of the unplanned or not being orchestrated. As Betty clearly did by fine tuning and setting the tone (page 2 Para) Recommendations:

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Barbara needs to start again and develop a communication plan by the reverse to that which she has done thus far. It is about leadership and her team that she needs to focus on her passion and need for a challenge will and should be the driving force Have a group meeting slip the unit into 2 equal groups so all get equal opportunity. During this meeting outline the issues in broad terms, acknowledge them, set the goals of the unit and areas of improvement.

What should she tell her boss in her status report? Her status report should be frank and honest to the point where she describes her own feelings of frustrations and being overwhelmed.

A solutions focus dialog should be presented once this is expressed to drive home the point of passion and need to correct the current situation. Present her goals for the SSL clearly and concisely to explain what and how she would reach the goal of a cohesive and effective unit. Seek his commitment to support her in her plans and set the requirement she has of management to achieve this, such as clear time lines and demonstrate this commitment to the US. Ensure that all goals are SMART goals