Basketball Persuasive Essay

In American basketball many people have their favorite team, by how many championships they’ve won or how many great players have come from their schools.

But when you look at the coaches and players that they’ve had and where they come from and how good they always are then in my book they are counted as a good team. The Duke Blue Devils, my personal favorite; even though they only have four championships and not really any top named players that went through duke. Duke has a lot of good characteristics about their team like their coach, there ACC championships, and known for when they fight hard against bigger opponents. Well Duke has the best coach ever and the best coach than any other team in the nation. Not only is he the best coach but he is the all-time winning coach with 904 wins. He has led them to three national championships and he has won thirteen ACC titles, also 11 final four appearances.

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Coach k is also the coach of the USA men’s Olympic team. With his unique style of coaching he has done good works with the duke blue devils. Another reason Duke is one of the best is because of their winnings. Duke has 4 national championship, 23 ACC tournament wins, and 22 regular season wins. Even though Carolina has five national championships Duke has more ACC titles than Carolina does.

Duke is always a hard team to play as you can tell they still fight and play hard even when they aren’t the bigger or the better team. Like a couple of years ago when Carolina won the national championship duke worked hard and when Virginia tech beat Carolina and duke played them in the ACC tournament in the last game they worked hard and beat Virginia tech to win the championship. All of Dukes players are made to work hard and look where it has gotten them they might not have the most championships and might not have the most wins but there all ways fighting hard with no matter who they have playing for them. So that’s why I believe Duke is the best team in the country from their coach, to their winnings, to their hard working players Duke has a lot of characteristics that they have to make them a good team.