Battle of Trenton

It was in Trenton town near New Jersey and at charismas week in 1776 when George Washington and his army were spending a grim holiday season on the road. This was after a long war with the British army who made the rebel army tired, hungry and footsore. Washington’s misfortune was that of an evaporating army who were volunteers and were to drift home by the New Year (Arlan, 2004). The American army had been on their heels since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in July of the same year.

As a sign of American independence, the British army was seen in majority at the New York harbor but Washington and his troops were swept of the island and chased as far as Manhattan. During this time, the disaster in New York was capped by the defeats at Forts Washington and Hudson Lee with their continental army limping through New Jersey on their way to their current encampment on Delaware River (Blackbirch & Lewis, 2002). Through all this people were wondering what the congress had been doing to relieve the army. Criticism was also high with regards to Washington’s pitiful defense of New Washington’s pitiful defense of New York. They insisted that the army should be improved incase the congress puts aside it’s wrangling over the advantages and disadvantage of putting up an army and that of keeping the continentals in the field.

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As this was taking place, observers were speculating that George was to abandon his dream of having a disciplined (European Style) army to engage the British regulars in the combat field. New tactics of war were evolving and Washington wanted to avoid large battle but prolonged the war becaue of American interest. This war at Trenton was the first Patriot victory since shorts were fired at Lexington and Concord and a struggle erupted against the Great Britain. Although this was not a turning point in the War for revolution, it was an eleventh hour reprieve that gave the Patriots a reason to develop new confidence and new spirit of hop (Wendy, 2003). This war at Trenton demonstrated Washington’s leadership skills and saved him a recall as overall commander by the continental congress. The victory here proved that the British army was not invisible as earlier felt and it thus boosted the morale among the civilian supporters and the troops.

It also increased the enlistments that were critically needed for the campaigns that were going to take place in the following year of 1777 (Wendy, 2003). Finally on the victory, the article explains that there was a desired effect that galvanized Washington’s men and the larger effort made during the war. This was despite the fact that he had only remained with about 2,400 men. He lacked reinforcements he had been counting on from the reunion of the diversionary forces and this exposed him yet again since he was lacking the strength to exploit the victory which he already had. We are told that this forced him to retreat back into Pennsylvania across Delaware but soon regrouped his men and returned to hit the Britain in the second of January of the 1777 at Princeton (Blackbirch & Lewis, 2002).What I Learned From the Text Since the article describes one of the many inquiry investigations, the author designed the article to prrovide real and meaningful reading that educates and gives the actual events that happened at the Trenton.

The article is important because it enables one to comprehend the historical events accurately in a way that is meaningful. It is a good educational material because it develops critical thinking skills because one will have to analyze the concepts deeply in order to come up with the actual events that took place. I was able to examine eye witness accounts in the newspaper article of the battle of the Trenton during the American Revolution (Arlan, 2004). Through a wider investigation and reconstruction found in the text, I was able to not only become exited about the article but I was able to discover the multiple perspectives on events that existed at that time. The personal accounts provided created an insight into the struggle and made me realize the struggles and challenges that were faced by our predecessors.The article allowed me to perceive this past event and the issues that surrounded it as they were experienced first hand by the people of that time.

I am now able to recapture the essence of their real lives which now enables me to develop empathy for these people who were faced with issues and obstacles which they had to defeat. And I have generally learned that since Trenton demonstrated Washington’s ability as a field leader, one does not only need competence in the line of duty but should also be a good strategist. These are the main skills that George Washington implemented when he personally commanded the main force that attacked Trenton. These skills restored confidence in the cause of revolution and in the leadership of George Washington.