trenton battle

On the day of December 18, 1777 there was a master at being a thief , his name was John Adams. He always thought he can’t get caught by anyone. Then one day he was walking down a trail a man ran up to John Adams with a message coming from George Washington asking John Adams to help him with a quest.

John Adams was so surprised to hear that the master of Generals has requested his help. John Adams said to the man “Why shall I take on this quest?” “You have cought General George’s attention and we’ve ween spying on you, watching you steal stuff and surprised you never got caught.” “That’s why we chose you to do this quest.” Said the messenger. Then John Adams said ” In return what shall I receive?”The messenger responded while shrugging his shoulders “Think about it and get back to me.” John took his time thinking very hard, it might be a trap or an actual offer.

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He thought to himself “I shall request enough money to give my family wealth.”And so John Adams sent a messenger to accept the request from General George.The messenger went and asked “Mr.Adams accepts your request, he needs the day and time that he starts.” *They all cheer when they hear the news* “BUT under certain circumstances, he requests five thousand pounds” George Washington didn’t have that type of money, but he really wanted John Adams to help him in the important mission.

So George Washington told John’s messenger said “We start in two days be here by dawn, I will get your money by the end of the quest.”By time John got the news it was already nighttime and he was getting ready to go sleep.Before he went to sleep he was preparing a snack for himself. He started cooking and he thought that it would be a good idea to make food while he was going to the camp groundsIt was the day of December 20, 1777 John Adams was on his way towards General George and his men, he didn’t know what to expect, how many men, how they operate, even what George Washington wanted him to do!So many things went through his mind as he was going there. While he was walking on the trail, there were two guys spying on him throughout his journey. When he was about twenty-five minutes away from his destination the two guys came up from behind him and tried to take his food.

John Adams wasn’t going to take that, he beat one guy up and threatened to kill him but he held back and the other guy got scared and ran off. John thought to himself”What kind of place is this, people just try to take your stuff.” There he was! George Washington welcomed him as he walked into camp. George ordered a man to get John something to drink. George said to John “You look a bit beaten up, is everything alright?” John responded “I just ran into two mean people, they tried to steal my stuff.” George seemed concerned, not too many people go around their camp ground.

He asked John if they were wearing red coats, John Replied “They were indeed” General George gathers his men and announces “The British have located us and stay aware for spies” George Washington tells John Adams to get his rest because he’ll be going towards the British and be a spy. John Adams was so surprised to hear that he was recruited to be a spy. George told him “You must take away their muskets and their ammunition, we must win in this battle!” John Adams went to rest and get ready for the next day. It was the next day and he had to go to the British army camp without getting recognized and take their muskets and ammunition. His plan was to go there and sneak in from the back entrance.

It was December 21,1777, He got there he came to a close call with a group of soldiers that were training. The British army was located in the woods near a river. John’s plan was working out so far, he got near the back entrance but there was someone there guarding the camp. John killed him before he could call for help or make a move, he took his musket and stabbed him with the bayonet at the end. He took the soldier’s clothes and snuck in as a British soldier.

His plan worked out perfectly. Now John had only one thing left to do and that was to take their muskets and ammunition. As he was going toward the weapons area, there were two men talking, and having a drink together. They were very drunk so they didn’t realize John at all. They were supposed to be watching the weapons but they weren’t. John go into the weapons area and he saw all of their thing they had.

He took them and he threw them at the nearby river. The job was done! John was exhausted and he was very tired. He then went to find a place to sleep. He had to build a place to sleep about thirty minutes away from the camp. He knew it was a risk but he knew he had to take it.

He went to sleep. The next day December 22,1777 John woke up. He started walking back to the American army camp trying new nott to get caught. John Adams got back and told general George that the mission was done. He threw the muskets and all of their ammunition into the river nearby. They celebrated and hope that the British don’t get them back in any type of way.

George now welcomed John as a brother. The soldiers saluted John and welcomed him too. Three days has passed since the mission has been successful, battle time arrived the very next day. The British army has been so focused on trying they didn’t even realize that they didn’t have and muskets or even any ammunition. The British army is very outraged, their commander shouted angrily “I SHOULD’VE SAW THIS COMING.” They had to start heading towards Trenton for the battle to begin.

On the other hand the American army has been waiting for this moment. They trained so hard they sabotaged their weapons, they knew they had the battle for themselves to take. It was time the Americans and the British were both there in Trenton. Battle time started, British didn’t have any weapons. They either had to surrender or they all get killed.

The British general didn’t want to surrender because he thought he’ll look weaker, s he chose death. The Americans won and John was back at the camp airing for them to come back. They got back and General George thanked John Adams so many times. George gave John Adams all of his money then then George told him to hold on a second. He then grouped up all the soldiers and said “Everyone must hail Mr.

Adams, he is a very good man on our side. He helped us take VICTORY.” George said goodbye and John said bye they each departed and went back home. John thought to himself “What a wild couple of days, I shall go home to my wife and kids and be happy. I AM A RICH MAN.”