Behind The Doors of High School

I can name every continent on a map, upside down and backwards. I can recite all fifty states, I know every part of a camera and how it works, but I’m in jeopardy of getting a high school diploma because of a math grade. I haven’t gone to public school and gotten put through hell for twelve years of my life, to not receive a piece of paper that I’m told determines my future. I did what I was supposed but, I shouldn’t have to apologize for not being a logical thinker and not knowing what f(x) means. Because you can tell me I’m going to use this in life as much as you want however, the reality is I’m not going to. I don’t plan on being an engineer or, inventing machines or car or, working with anything that involves more than basic math.

Let me also note that I, go to school for the most part my grades are decent and average. I also like many, suffer from a learning disability which makes math extremely challenging and, like many have also been battling things in the hallways and in my home for the past four years. Which is reflected very much into my academics. I think we should also make of note of things I haven’t done. Now I’m not trying to put this on everyone else, I’m just saying it’s not always the students fault completely.

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So plenty of kids in my graduating class have been suspended, bullied and harassed other students, vandalized property, even been arrested but yet, they still get to graduate. Now myself who has gotten into college had everything all mapped out might be getting that all taken away due to a math exam. Please trust me on this that I didn’t write this to become a whiny feel bad for me plead. I wrote this to open up our eyes and see what’s actually going on in American Public Education and schools. Because I know, that I’m not the only one that his has happened to. Without getting too much into detail I wanted to mention my school.

My school has not the best reputation and they wonder why. I guess they never check to see that they’re giving it to themselves. In the most non-self-pity way, I know that I don’t deserve this and that I do deserve to graduate. This school is full of lies. Administration wants us to believe that they look at us as a whole rather than a number. But I’m a little confused because it doesn’t make much sense to me then if a math grade is speaking for me more than my actual self is.

The bottom line is that is this system is really messed up and quite frankly favoritism shouldn’t be a graduation requirement.