Bengal Tiger

Have you heard of the Bengal Tiger?? The Bengal Tiger is the strongest cat in the world It can feed on 800 pounds in an seven minutes! Bangal Tigers don’t sink in snow because of their squishy paws. Their paws can grow to be three inches.

Scientist think that they should make tigers, “The King of the Jungle.” Tigers weight up to 372 kg or lbs. The baby cubs will open it’s eyes when it is two weeks. And the mother leaves the cub when it is two years old. The Bengal Tiger is very aggressive, grouchy and a big loner if it is a make. And they eat a lot of meat and is a carnivore.

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Bengal Tiger loves any meat except bats. The reason they do not eat bats is because they are rubbery. They also eat indian food, because they sometimes they are pets for the people who live in India.