Best Human

When I think of best teacher or best person, the first image that come to my mind is that of Mrs. Stein-Jackter. She is not my favorite teacher because she gives me good grades or teaches good. Rather, the best feature of Stein is that she acts like a human, while some of the other unnameable teachers act like automatons. Unlike Mrs. Stein, they are not extraordinary and are merely there because it is their job and they have no choice.

She is the only teacher who genuinely asks “How are you?” and make me want to tell her how I actually feel. This conversation differs strikingly from the routine of teachers saying “Hi, how are you?” to relieve the awkward pause as I walk into class. To this robotic question, thewords “Good, Thank You” mechanically jumps out of my mouth. In addition, I truly relate to her- especially her dark sense of humor, her eye rolls at annoying people and most importantly, her thrill when a snow day is announced. Furthermore, Stein behaves more like a mother with my class.

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The day after the Parkland Florida shooting tragedy, she said, “I’m going to make sure that no one will ever do that to you guys!”. As she said that, her voice was serious, her face was turning pink, her eyes were watery and we knew that we were safe.