Bioethics As Practice attempts to give a unifying framework of how people from various backgrounds are brought together by their work; they include physicians, social scientist, nurses, lawyers, and priests among other kinds of people. Bioethics As Practice speaks in a variety of voices, that is; allegory, personal reflection, physical analysis and moral argument.

The book has also integrated the feelings and views of a people that the author talked to prior to writing the book. In his book Andre also tries to distinguish between bioethics as a subset of philosophers from clinical bioethics; he describes bioethics as a practice. He further describes a practice as a coherent and complex set of activities that are socially constructed; while, bioethics has their distinctive goals and standards of excellent that make the practice what it is. Pragmatic Bioethics describes the moral and ethical issues that arise from medical, clinical practice, biological research, research allocation, and the access to biomedical technology. The book exploreshow pragmatism as an American Philosophical theory can be applied to bioethics. McGee also argues intensely against pragmatism because it lacks universal moral foundation; it specifically, impacts upon the most marginalized people.

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The pragmatism lacks metaphysical division between values and facts that make it a considerably rigorous and serious method of approaching bioethical decision making. Pragmatic Bioethics also explains the behavior of professionals in sectors such as healthcare and how they always ask for further information before they attempt to solve a problem. This book shows how various professionals are unable, or unwilling to consider ethical problems when making a decision on various issues. Pragmatic bioethics offers a less prescriptive alternative in a world that has become distinctively criticized for its evidence based, scientifically reductionist, and approach to health care.