Ethical Research and Leadership Standards

Research remains as one of the most important aspects in any particular learning environment. With this in mind, there are different ethical and leadership standards that have been developed over time to act as a guiding lane to research. However, it is important to understand that these standards have in most cases affected the way research is interpreted in a personal educational context.

To begin with, whereas research is one of the most important factor when it comes to acquiring the necessary information and data, the standards for ethical research and leaders have created in many people a notion that data is important and therefore must be treated with a lot of care irrespective of the fact that some forms of information and data can easily be obtained from the internet. In other words, whereas research is an important tool of obtaining information, there are certain limits that one needs to operate in (Babbie, 2008, p.66). Therefore, research has specific guidelines that are meant to limit the researcher in his area of research.In addition to research having certain limit, there are ethical issues that need to put into practice without which or rather whose violation may lead to prosecution of the person involved. In order to avoid this in any form of research, one needs to develop ethical leadership skills.

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In reference to Shamoo & Resnik (2009), ethical leadership promotes ethical conduct (p.77). In this respect, without ethical leadership skills, one cannot in any way be able to carry out a research that is based on ethical standards.With this in mind, it can be argued that the standards for ethical research and leadership influence the ways in which research is interpreted and/or applied to personal education contexts by setting down the necessary foundations in regard to the ability of a person to succeed in carrying out research in a particular area. Without these standards, success in any research cannot in any way be attained.