Service Culture Standards

When you stay at Four Seasons you feel the culture of that country.

For example if you stay in Egypt, you have a feeling that you are in Egypt. You feel that you are a part of local community. One thing which made them so successful Is their uniform global standards known as seven “Service Culture Standards”. Most of the standards were written to allow local flexibility. The standards set the minimum expectation of the guest.

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Second thing is their personal service for each guest. Corporate culture always a significant role in the success of a business like Four

Seasons’. Their culture portrays the strong need to satisfy the customer. They define core standards to treat the guest and most Important setting the guest as the top most priority for the employees. Yes HER strategies play an important in four Seasons’ success. HER has focused on The Golden Rule’ which one should treat other as we would wish to be treated by others.

Management was more informed about the laws in the France. It has established task force – a team of 35 person composed of experienced managers and employees f Four Season who knows about the operations of the particular property of the hotel.

This task force helps to establish norms and helps people to understand how Four Seasons’ does work. The most important thing they look in the deep during the interview with candidates is the attitude of that candidate. Four Seasons’ have employee-of-the month and employee-of-the-year programs to appreciate the best employees and they managed these programs successfully in France. Their HER practices were reflected In customer satisfaction.

I feel It was fabulous the way enter In the France. They got the luxurious building to reflect the organizational culture.

They deeply understand the French culture and also know about the laws of France especially labor laws. They adopt their strategies according to local laws and culture. I think the lessons apply to the firm entering markets other than France. It Is very important to understand the national culture and laws of that country In which the firm is going to enter.

Kitchen Best – Case Study Assignment Questions: Such practices may Impose greater legal actions against the company and the management.

I en company may De Telecaster, so It cannot trace In ten cross-Dodder setting. The management may be liable for the imprisonment of 2 or more than 2 years and fine. They were using kickbacks to generate the sales. The person responsible for quality control didn’t take the random sample to check the quality. Kitchen Best much check the criminal record the candidate who is being hired.

There should be different persons dealing with different kind of activities. If there is an ethical behavior or malpractice then serious actions should be taken against that employee.

I think the company over trust See and Ma luck that whatever they are doing, it will be in the favor of the organization. Ethical management is very important because unethical behavior and mall practices may ruin the company’s reputation in the market. Henry can take strong measures to ensure the ethical measure in the employees. Some training will be good to enhance employees’ ethical behavior.

Henrys role as a CEO is to design procedures and policies to control the malpractices and unethical behavior in the organization.