Cries Against the Uniform

There’s been a debate at my School in Delaware.I believe that this debate is falling upon deaf ears of the people who are supposed to monitor our education.These people, I believe, are not doing their job correctly.The reason I say this is because the problem going around our school is to decide whether the students shall have uniforms or not.The whole situation is really getting on my nerves because I am a strong believer of not having uniforms.I know what the people say when they want uniforms, it’s cheaper for the parents, it looks better for schools, it makes people look good.Yes, yes I know what it’s like to have a uniform, I had it for four years at two different schools.One school had polo shirts and skirts, another had polo shirts and kakis.To tell you the truth, I hated this.I absolutely hated having the uniform, and I wouldn’t wish it upon someone unless they’re getting paid for it.Speaking of getting paid, there is no benefit from it.There is no point to the uniform.To me, these uniforms tend to be really bland and uncomfortable.Sure there’s color options but you don’t get much wiggle room to look unique and original.Sometimes, schools with the uniform policy will have only two color choices, so there’s really nothing you can do to make it your outfit.Sure, school is your “job”, it defines your future but there are jobs out there who have set clothing rules but anyone can dress how they want as long as it’s within the rules.If I’m going to wear a uniform in any way, at least let me get paid for suffering through it.Along the lines of suffering is that it kills creativity within a school.People express themselves in many ways.Some draw, some dance, some write, but just about everyone in the world expresses themselves through their clothes.Everyone has a certain set style and it’s their style.Not everyone has the talent to express themselves through other means like drawing, writing, and other skills.Plus, uniforms are just uncreated articles of clothing that smothers creativity.Another reason for having a uniform is to prevent bullying.Funny thing, at my school, nobody gets bullied over the clothes they wear.I have never seen, nor heard of a situation where someone got assaulted for an article of clothing they just happened to wear.Usually negative comments about an outfit are either kept to oneself, or shared with a trusted friend.Let me tell you this, a simple uniform isn’t going to make people dress better.Boys will let their pants sag, and girls will still dress like they’re trying to sell themselves on the street.Their shirts will still be so tight that you can see hanging fat jiggling over their pants or their clevage will be staring in people’s faces.Everyone knows that’s the true reason for having the uniform.What’s worse is that I’m one of the couple hundred students that will possibly have this uniform policy imposed when we’re seniors, which I feel, will be a waste of money for my parents who will have to buy the uniform for me.People say that uniforms save money but I’m one of the possible many who switch right out of uniforms as soon as school’s over.I want to be comfortable when I’m learning, and I’m sure as heck going to get comfortable in my regular everyday clothes when I get home.The reason I bring this up is because this is a little variable for a chain reaction.My parents are the ones who have to pay bills…a lot of bills and I’m sure I’m not alone.When I put the uniform in my laundry it accumulates and it’s more laundry than normal, which leads to more money being put into laundry, which could lead to higher bills for either, the laundry could be done at home or a laundry mat.More laundry equals more money, with means that more items has to be purchased to make the clothes on your back clean.As for the seniors, what will we do with the uniforms when the year’s over?I wish that the ones in charge of our education will listen to our cries against the uniform and listen to our reasons as to why we shouldn’t have the uniform policy imposed upon us.We’ve been taught as children to express ourselves and to be unique.How can we do that if we all look the same?