School Uniform: Argument

When asked how I feel about school uniforms I would have to say that I actually like them.

I think wearing uniforms is a great idea because there is less bullying and teasing, it helps keep you focused on school work, and its more convenient for parents and teachers.The first reason school uniforms are great is that there is less bullying and teasing. No one makes fun of you for wearing clothes that aren’t cool because everyone is wearing the same thing. You don’t have to worry about having the latest styles and cool clothes because you just wear your uniform every day.The second reason I like school uniforms is that it helps keep me organized by not distracting me from my school work. In the morning, when I wake up, I have more time to worry about grabbing all of my homework and school supplies instead of fussing over what to wear.

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It also works out well in school because everyone can concentrate on what the teacher is teaching you instead of what someone is wearing or who got new shoes.The final advantage to wearing a school uniform is the convenience for parents and teachers. Parents save money by only having to buy one uniform for their kids instead of having to buy brand name and designer clothes. Another advantage is that teachers can easily recognize who doesn’t belong in the school. This would probably be an issue at a public school wear just anyone could walk in off the street wearing jeans.

In conclusion, my opinion about wearing school uniforms is I actually like them a lot. They decrease the amount of bullying and teasing that sometimes occurs in school, they don’t distract you from your work, and they are helpful for the parents and teachers as well.