Free Essay on School Uniform

I know how it feels like to wake up one morning and feel like you want to wear sweat pants all day long.

I have had uniforms at my school since my freshmen year in high school. Like many others, I was opposed to wearing school uniforms because I was afraid of blending in and not being able to stand out. But after a few months I realized that many of my peers actually looked more professional in the standard school attire. Even though we had limitations on what we could and could not wear I saw that there were many unique ways to dress up the uniform. I find having the uniform at my school as a positive reinforcement because it trains us for upcoming job professions.

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Most of my peers will not have the right to choose what they want to wear at work and will have to abide by the dress code guidelines. From my view the dress code has reduced class room disruptions and it has also helped the student body mature.