should there be a student uniform in school

There are many ups and downs of wearing a uniform to school.

I’m going to talk about both sides. I know because I’ve been to a school where we had to wear a uniform. This school, which is named El Liceo Campestre, is in La Mesa, Colombia. I went to this illustrious private school two years ago, when I was ten years old. The school even had a pool (well we rented it). If you have to wear a uniform to school when you wake up you wouldn’t have to think about what to wear, just put on your uniform.

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If you’re walking down a street and you see someone with your school uniform on you’ll know who he or she is. So a uniform creates some sort of school identity. Plus there won’t be any popular kids who wear expensive clothes along with non-popular kids who don’t wear expensive clothes. Also if you wear a uniform to school every one looks the same the same. Plus it’s expensive to the school the school and your parents. If you don’t wear a uniform to school you can sort of read a person by their clothing.

Me personally I like wearing different clothes to school.