School Uniform Code And Should All Schools Implement Students Dress Code

The lack of strictness in dress code has been a problem throughout public schools for the longest time now.

Too many people have been sent home and even put in detention due to the clothes they wear and too many schools have been called “unprofessional” due to the new trends and fashion statements of young rebellious teens.Not only do people, specifically young girls, wear highly inappropriate clothing, lots of people get bullied for the clothes they wear due to their own type of style and even by how much they weigh. The constant taunting and ridicules of someone being too fat or too skinny or for wearing something that’s weird to other people has left many feeling depressed and has caused bullying to be on the rise.Dress code has been placed in states across the nation to create a safe and comfortable place for student and teachers. The application of dress code is not only for safety reasons but it’s to also protect the overall wellbeing of everyone attending the school. According to the National School Board Association, “.

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..approximately 135,000 guns are brought to America’s 85,000 public schools each day.” Using uniforms, it’s easy to identify who is a student and who is not. Additionally, it has been stated that uniforms contribute to a decrease in bullying and violence and increase good behavior and student achievement. According to a recent student and faculty poll of a local high school, “Eighty-eight percent of the parents thought the code reduced teasing between boys and girls and eighty-four percent felt the uniform code promoted equality between the sexes.

” If we want our kids to be safe, free from creativity, have zero personal control over their bodies and to keep their mouths closed from belittling anyone for their appearance, dress code is the way to go!The lack of uniforms has left many teachers concerned and many boys feeling distracted. Kids from ages 5-18 who have broken dress code by wearing horrendous things like tank tops or shorts have offended many. Most students in school, especially boys, have been traumatized by the shoulders and legs of the many young girls who practically prance around naked, wearing something that has the audacity to accentuate and flatter someone’s body.Not only that, but many people are practically forced to ridicule the kids who are too fat or too skinny because they choose to wear certain things! Therefore, I have a proposal to make about this very much needed dress code: everyone wears prison jumpsuits. And not just any jumpsuits, big baggy and loose-fitting jumpsuits.

Ones that come in one size fits all. This way all the students will look uniformed. Besides, the jumpsuits are perfect because school already feels like jail to most students.So, why is this beneficial? There are many reasons as to why wearing jumpsuits is a positive alternative to the school uniform. The main reason is because bullying and hormones would decrease (I am talking about you boys). All skin will be covered (including butt cracks, cleavage and the most traumatizing part.

..shoulders.), expect for faces of course, so no more having people feel uncomfortable for girls having developed and mature features! Also, all body shapes will be covered, and this will lead to a decrease in the constant teasing of students because others can finally learn how to keep opinions to themselves since they can’t look at their bodies. Another beneficial reason is now young students will not be sexualized by adults and others, and this will lead to a decrease in complaints of things like “You’re showing too much skin” or “Your skirt should be longer.

“This also means no more people having to be sent home or getting detention (and sitting in the In- School Suspension room for an hour all while probably missing that very important test in your math class that day.) for wearing something that greatly offends others. Other advantages include: not taking forever to get ready in the morning (I am looking at you girls!), not worrying about what you will wear, the jumpsuits are an easy fit and slip on and off and -for those worried about style- come in a variety of colors such as blue, red and black! But no designs and patterns because remember kids, those are distracting and look highly unprofessional.There may be many people who oppose this new dress code policy. Students might say “I should be able to express myself through my clothes!” or “This is taking away my style and individuality!” However, this is something that they only must endure for a while (only their entire childhood) and this will help them in the real world when they must dress a certain way for jobs and still be teased and sexualized for their attire and appearance- hurray for the patriarchy! This will prepare them immensely, so they will and should be grateful and appreciative.

There are also others who also have ideas and plans to solve this dilemma such as suggesting something as dumb as official uniforms. Uniforms usually consist of polos with the respective school’s color and logos, and even khaki shorts or jeans. But why have that when you have a brilliant plan such as mine that not only is comfortable but has no loopholes? If we have shorts, girls will roll them up. If we have polos, girls will crop them. If we have multiple sizes, girl will get the xxs small ones so that they are tight and show off their body.The jumpsuits serve as a piece of clothing that you slip on and zip up the front all the way to your neck.

Absolutely no skin will ever show when you wear these!Works cited pageKEY, SCOTT, and LARRY WILDER. “Pros and Cons of School Dress Code.” Pros andCons of School Dress Code , Fresno Pacific University, 11 Nov. 2007.DeMitchell, Todd A.

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