Bless Me, Ultima Study Guide

BLESS ME, ULTIMA STUDY GUIDE Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. Chapters One and Two – Note: chapters are in parentheses.

1. Where are Antonio’s brothers at the beginning of the story? (1) 2. Where was Antonio born? (1) 3. Why did the family move to Guadalupe? (1) 4. How did Antonio’s father react to leaving the llano? (1) 5.

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Why does the Marez family bring Ultima into their home? (1) 6. What does the family call Ultima? Why? (1) 7. What is Antonio’s first dream about? Describe and explain what he sees. 8. What comes with Ultima? (1) 9.

Why did Lupito kill the sheriff? (2) 10.

Who tried to reason with Lupito before he was shot? (2) 11. Why did Gabriel build their house on a hill, rather than down by the river? (2) Chapters Three and Four 1. Describe Antonio’s first day of church. (3) 2.

What sort of effect does Ultima have on Antonio’s personality? (3) 3. How does Lupito’s murder affect Antonio? What specifically is he confused or worried about? (3) 4. What role does religion play in the Marez’ household? Are all members of the family religious? (3) 5. What does Antonio meet outside of church? What is your impression of these people? (3) 6. Describe the relationship that Ultima has with nature. 4) 7.

Why does the Marez family go to El Puerto every autumn? (4) 8. Compare/contrast Antonio’s perception of God with his perception of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Chapters Five- Six 1. Who is Prudencio? Where does he live? (5) 2. Describe the time at El Puerto.

What is enjoyable? (5) 3. Did Antonio’s father go to school? Where (or how) did he get his “education”? (6) 4. What two things upset Antonio on his first day of school? (6) 5. Who is the Vitamin Kid? Why do you think he is called by this name? (6) Chapters Seven- Nine 1. What ends in the beginning of chapter seven? Who returns? 2. How is Antonio doing in school?

How does his mother respond to this report? What does she conclude on the basis of this report? (7) 3.

Do Antonio’s brothers return from the war unchanged? How are they different or the same? (8) 4. How do the brothers like being back on the llano? (8) 5. What does Antonio dream about in the beginning of chapter nine? 6. How does the “reslessness of [Marez] blood destroy [the father’s] dreams? (9) 7. Why does Samuel say it is bad luck to fish for the carp? (9) 8.

What is Antonio struggling with when he considers the idea of a new god, like the golden carp? Chapters Ten and Eleven 1. Why does Ultima go to El Puerto? 10) 2. Who is Tenorio? What kind of person is he? Why isn’t Ultima afraid of him? (10) 3. What does Ultima do in El Puerto? What role does Antonio play? (10) 4. What oath does Cico first ask Antonio to take before he sees the “Golden Carp”? Why can’t Antonio take this oath? (11) 5. What oath does Antonio finally take? (11) 6.

Explain the symbolism of Narciso’s garden. (11) 7. How does Narciso do his planting? In what way is the garden drunk? (11) 8. What do “the gang” do to Antonio? How does this make him feel? (11) 9. What does Antonio do when they ask him to perform voodoo? How do the kids react? (11) 10.

Describe the place in which Cico and Antonio see the: Golden Carp.

” (11) 11. How does the sight of the “Golden Carp” affect Antonio? 12. Explain the symbolism of the black bass. (11) 13. How are the Indian, Narciso, and Ultima different? (11) 14.

Explain the presence of the river. 15. What does Cico predict will happen to the town? How can this happen? (11) 16. When Antonio tells all the things he learned to Ultima, how does she respond? (11) Chapters Twelve and Thirteen 1. What makes the father very upset in the beginning of chapter twelve? 2. What does Ultima give to Antonio? Describe this item and why she gives it to him.

12) 3. Why is Tenorio angry and enraged with Ultima? (12) 4. What does Tenorio accuse Ultima of being? What test is she supposed to submit to? (12) 5. How is the owl a strong presence in chapter twelve? 6. What offer is made for Antonio at the end of chapter thirteen? 7. What is the mother’s response to this offer… what is the father’s response? Chapter Fourteen 1.

Why does Antonio insist on attending school even though there is very thick snow outside? 2. What warning did Ultima give to Antonio before he left for school? What does her warning foreshadow? 3. What happens to the Christmas play with all of the girls absent? . Describe Ms. Violet’s frustration as a teacher while her students behaved like seven year olds. 5.

Where does Antonio go in the deep snow on his way home from school? What does he witness? 6. Describe the tragedy of Narciso’s request of Andrew and Andrew’s foolish, careless behavior. 7. What kind thing does Antonio do for Narciso near the Juniper tree? 8. If you were not convinced before that Tenorio is a cowardly fool, what events and circumstances in Ch. 14 would convince you otherwise? 9.

Antonio dreamed in Ch. 9 that Andrew would not enter the house of the bad women (Rosie’s) until Antonio had lost his innocence.

How has this prophetic dream come true? 10. How many shocking events has Antonio witnessed since Ch. 1? What effect has this had on Antonio? Chapters Fifteen throughTwenty-Two 1.

List two things about Andrew. (15) 2. List three things about Leon and Eugene. (15) 3. Why is there so much hate in Tenorio’s evil face? (16) 4. What do you learn about Florence? (17) 5.

How does father Byrnes explain eternity? (17) 6. What games do the boys and girl play? (18) 7. The last line on page 211 is: “It was over. ” What was over? (19) 8. How does Ultima help Tellez? (20) 9. What happens to Florence? (21) 10.

Tell about two deaths. (22)