Boredom is the state of the mind a person experiences when he/she has nothing to do and is seemingly disinterested even in his/her surroundings.

A bored person is characterized by a lack of interest in what surrounds him and extended idleness. While there are many complex forms of boredom, such as, for example, when people are bored with their jobs, relationships or just life in general, this paper will restrict itself to the boredom arising from idleness that one experiences time after time and for relatively short periods. Overview Boredom is much a mental process as it is a physiological process. From time to time, every person can experience boredom either for a long time or for short periods. In most cases, boredom arises due to an extended period of inactivity.

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The bored person then becomes disinterested in the surroundings. As a result, he/she cannot do anything because the concentration levels are very low. This state of mind will persist as long as the person does not take any measures to cope with the situation. However, it should not be forgotten that boredom can affect everyone. Analysis Bredom is characterized by dullness, tiredness, and a bored person seems to be lethargic in his/her undertakings.

As a result, the person becomes lazy for that time. As it was already mentioned, boredom comes in bouts at different times. Therefore, when it comes constantly and very frequently, then it means that there is a much deeper underlying problem. Therefore, such a person will need to see a physician. On the other hand, it is actually normal to be bored at times, since people often go through a period of inactivity and disinterest.

Boredom can be caused by various factors. These may include idleness, stress, different surrounding, and just a lack of interest. However, it should be noted that all situations that make a person idle and disinterested in the surroundings are sure causes of boredom. When a person stays for an extended period of time with nothing to do, he /she is most likely to be bored. A stressed person can be characterized by mental state that decreases concentration levels. On the other hand, when a person is not familiar with a new environment, he/she will most likely tend to be inactive in that environment.

This will no doubt make him/her bored.Solution Boredom is a state of mind resulting from an extended period of inactivity. Therefore, the ideal solution is to find something to do. This can range from doing something new, playing some games, reaching out for other people or even taking a nap. Additionally, a bored person can try to engage his/her mind by solving puzzles or reading interesting articles.

The person can also decide to take a walk. While finding something to do during these times is efficient, the most effective solution is avoiding situations that will make one bored. For instance, one can find a new hobby. In addition, one has to try to be not alone at all times. Having company around can reduce the probability of being bored. ConclusionBoredom is a problem that affects everyone.

However, in most cases, it is not harmless. Boredom can become a serious problem if it occurs very frequently. In such situations, professional intervention is advised, as there may be an underlying problem. The avoidance of boring situations can be very effective when dealing with boredom. Therefore, it is up to an individual to find the most suitable way to fight boredom. This will ensure that he/she is active and thus happy at most times.