Those who make others life hell.

What enjoyment do you get out if it? I always wondered that. I’m a senior at my school. I always see people getting picked on. It upsets me. I always confront the bullies before things get in hand and ask them eye to eye, “why are you picking on this person, what did they do to you?”. They put on the tough act and reply with “why what are you going to do about it?” I take a breathe and say “nothing, I’m not going to stoop to your level and leave with the victom.

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They always seem to reply with “your just scared or come on do something”. I really hate that. They have to pick on someone just because they may seem different. I’m no Dr. Phil but, it doesn’t make the bullies feel good.

Has to be something else. Do they not get enough hugs as a child? not trying to insult but I didn’t get hardly any love when I was growing up. I mean that as in, attention from my mom she raised me, yes but I hardly got kisses on the cheek or hugs before school. I turned out to be a nice guy I like to think. The problem is only getting worse.

We need a cause and a effect. Fighting doesn’t help the problem, only gets you and the bully in more trouble. I hope more of you don’t turn the other cheek when someone is getting picked on, they need the help wether it’s for a couple of seconds. I was picked on all my life, I didn’t get much help, hell none at all. It sucks.

I hated the feeling. But I atleast am trying to help others.