Business Research Skills Group Proposal

Introduction The social network in Bedfordshire University in the United Kingdom has enhanced good communication among students, professors and other stakeholders in the university.

However, these stakeholders are facing some problems in matters pertaining to the control of this social network (General Books LLC 2010, p. 6). This research proposal seeks to find the extent to which the social network has contributed to the social, economic and professional growth of the various stakeholders in this University. Managerial Problems There are various problems involved in carrying out this research. First, the respondents may be unwilling to cooperate to give their responses, and this will derail the process of research.

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Therefore, the researcher will be expected to fit in different situations and convince people that the research project will not have any negative impact on them. The researchers will also face hard time in trying to find a variety of respondents so that the responses are not monopolized by one group of people only. The interviewers will also face a lot of challenges during the sampling of the material since some materials will be very subjective, thus; it will be difficult to interpret; some of it will be redundant. Research objectives The main intention of this research suggestion is to find out the impact of the social network of Bedfordshire University on the participation of various stakeholders in the social, economic and professional affairs of the University. Literature Review Several books will be used to write this proposal.

I have used Keith Punch’s “Developing Effective Research Proposals” in writing this proposal, and this book offers people a lot of help in writing proposals. This is a great asset since it opens the minds of people writing propoals, and it makes the writing appear a hobby to researchers. The book does not focus on the debate between quantitative and qualitative methods, but it argues for the research questions to govern the selection of the method (Punch 2002 p. 65). Therefore, a proposal can incorporate both methods.

The book “Research Proposals: A guide to success” by Thomas Ogden will also be used since this book deals with modern research methods and includes the internet; the internet is an indispensable tool of research, and it cannot be downplayed in any research exercise (Ogden 2002, p. 137). Powerful Proposals by George Pugh will also be used in the research since Pugh gives the various tips that help in creating powerful proposals (Pugh 2005, p. 71). He also outlines the barriers facing proposal writing, and this will be indispensable in writing this proposal.

The book, Bedfordshire University, written by General Books LLC will also be indispensable in this research. This is because it outlines the way of life in the University, and it gives a clue to the outcomes of the research undertaken. Methods and research design This research will be carried out using various methods of research. This will ensure that a wide variety of people will be involved in the research. For instance, there are some people who are more comfortable with interviews than others, and this will give them a chance to participate. A questionnaire will be developed containing questions that will be asked during the interview, and this will also guide the interviewers in designing a questionnaire to be filled by the interviewees.

However, the questionnaire to be filled by interviewees will contain structured questions that will seek for objective answers. This will assist during the sampling of the questionnaires since objective answers are easy to analyze than subjective answers given in an interview. The research will also be designed such that people will not feel threatened by the research. Therefore, people will be informed of a research that will be done beforehand for them to be psychologically prepared for interviews and questionnaires. However, the date for research will be chosen randomly so that people may not have reconceived answers for the research questions. The whole research exercise will be carried out on the basis of mutual agreement between the interviewers and the interviewees; only the willing respondents will be interviewed.

Sampling The research will also include responses from people of both genders, religious, political, economic and social orientations. It will also include students in various levels of study, staff and some tutors in the university. This will ensure that the research covers a wide range of opinions from different people, and this will aid in developing a reliable research. This sampling of the population is very important as some people will not come out claiming that they were excluded in the research. Analysis Method/sIn this study, qualitative method together with quantitative techniques of analysis will be used.

This is because, by incorporating the two, very good results will be produced; the criteria for evaluating this study will be based on the investigation gotten from the two methods. Some experts in both analysis methods will be consulted, and they will give their expert views on the methods selected, and this will ensure that the research gives accurate information. Anticipated outcomes The research is likely to find out that the social network of the students of Bedfordshire University has led to their social, economic and professional growth. This is because the student network has strengthened the relationships between students assist each other in doing their things.