Research Proposal the Use of Internet

The use of the internet has made inroads in business particular through the use of e-commerce. E-commerce has been used to facilitate business via the internet. Selling of products and services through the use of websites remain one of the most prominent ways of conducting business.

This research proposal expresses my purpose for writing a paper on this topic. With the e-commerce being one of the new ways that people conduct business online, I would like to explore the impact of this technology on business. Most important, I would like to evaluate the benefits as well as the disadvantages that this technology has caused if any on business processes. This research proposal underscores my interest in e-commerce. As one of the technologies that have brought sellers and buyers together, my interest lies on finding how this technology has improved the business paradigm, and to what extent. In addition, I am more interested on how this paper will improve the delivery of e-commerce across the internet platform.

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With a keen interest on how to find the best approaches of harnessing e-commerce, I find this topic a suitable match for me. The proposed paper will focus on a wide audience. The paper will be of great value to e-commerce technologist and business firms, as well. In addition, e-commerce enthusiasts will also find value from the insights gained from paper. My position on this topic will act to guide my writing of this paper. My thesis for this paper is that e-commerce has produced a positive impact on business processes.

This thesis will be expanded during writing and will detail how this has been done. Certainly, I am confident that this thesis will help me organize my paper in the best way possible that will allow me inform the audience on the findings of the research work.