Business School Essay

Throughout my life, I have been working very hard. I have set long-term professional goals that I have always tried to fulfill despite the prevailing circumstance.

Thus, at this point in time, I am pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School as well as developing my career. Definitely, I have chosen this school for vivid reasons. Firstly, Columbia MBA program is usually designed in a way that it prepares students for the challenges they are likely to face in the business world. Secondly, the school offers quality education considering the fact that its admission process is highly competitive. Thus, it trains high-quality professionals unlike other colleges. Thirdly, Columbia school is comprised of students from more than 50 countries.

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Thus, students from diverse backgrounds are available to learn how to deal with business clients all over the globe. The school also offers revised core curriculum programs that are globally recognized. This expands career knowledge from America to other countries in any part of the world. Balancing my MBA program and my career is challenging. It requires one to have a flexible program, where he can serve both masters.

Thus, Columbia Business School has flexible programs that make it possible for students to multitask education and other activities. For example, there is a program known as J-term where students can take an 18 month course and eventually return to their job. Later, they can stillcontinue with their programs. Thus, the school considers all manners of students in order to accommodate everyone.The determination to pursue my MBA at this particular time has also been prompted by dedication to work regardless of time. Moreover, I had to find a clients portfolio to help the clients make a sound investment decision.

No other intern was able to and I was the only one who was willing to spend extra time finding it at the Universal Bank of Switzerland. Thus, my ability to stand above others and determination are supposed to be my driving force in my academics. I believe that hard work can only be achieved, if time is used properly. Today, we are living in a competitive world, where one is required to work extra hard in order to achieve his goals. The School has set up programs that offer valuable investing programs for handful selected students.

Thus, only those who are working hard will be selected and hence benefit from the school programs exposure apart from learning within the school. Another reason for pursuing my MBA at this time is for betterment of my career. In order to survive in the ever competitive economy, it is very essential to aim higher standards in developing professionalism in terms of academic achievement. The MBA from this school will play a great role in improving my career and facilitating my development socially, mentally as well as politically. This is simply because I am able to expand my knowledge andd understanding of how business operates at a greater sphere.

Eventually, I will be in a position to rise in professional rank. I highly believe that an MBA from such a credited institution will boost my work experience and knowledge, especially in the entrepreneurial system. As a hard working student, my lecturer expects a lot from me. Thus, I always work hard because there is a basis for return. I have to work hard until I reach my goals in academic ladder. My MBA at Columbus Business School will expose me to greater chances outside there.

It will act as a stepping ground as it offers the best basis from where I can compete effectively with workers who learnt in other international institutions inside and outside the United States..Once in this school, one is able to carry out various business researches in order to address the real world of business and issues surrounding it. For instance, the school has facet known as Columbia Caseworks. This aims at challenging students to debate on various corporate decisions. Thus, students are able to develop recommendations as well as solutions for various challenges facing the business world.

Moreover, one can decide which program to take ranging from hundreds of programs offered. For instance, one can choose from various unites such as economic of strategic management, financial statement analysis among others. Thus, there is a free will to choose which unit one has the desire to follow.