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In addition, it provides a detailed discussion on how Appreciative Inquiry can be applied in an effort to move Warpath Gardens forward. In conclusion, the paper provides a vision speech prepared by the organization’s Director and presented to the employees, the speech shows the changes to be executed in the organization Method of instilling a sense of urgency within employees Coming up with a strong sense of urgency starts by looking past what ought to change to nurture an understanding as to why the change has to occur.

Change searchers opine that in order to have a successful change process, 75 percent of an organization’s management have to be convinced that the usual way of doing business is no longer a feasible plan. This requires directors to be aware of the difference of how things are and how they are supposed to be. This difference can be enlightened by a process which involves the whole Warpath Garden’s community in an honest and open dialogue concerning urgent issues which are important from ‘arioso perspectives.

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Such a process is important given that urgent issues expressed y the directors may differ from those put across by patients, certified nursing assistants (Cans) and non-nursing staff members.

The expansion of the metrics of performance repertoire to include the patients, certified nursing assistants (Cans) and non-nursing staff members satisfaction, absenteeism, staff turnover, overtime, quality indicators and agency use usually bring to light the chief causes as to why performances are poor on conventional metrics for the purposes of creating an awareness on the importance of change.

Gathering of Information alone is ineffective, and it is important for the director to have courage to carefully listen to all the viewpoints to enable the gathered information to be significantly applied. Assisting other people to see the difference will in turn bring a common sense of urgency based in the desire to do better for the people who work at, live in and visit the nursing home. Furthermore, it is important for the director to recognize the commitment and courage of the Cans and the non-nursing staff who eave continued with their efforts to care and support for patients in spite of a broken system.

Use of focus group help to make employees in the nursing home to have a sense of urgency. Focus groups with patients, family members and Cans and non-nursing staff present helpful qualitative information.

Questions of these focus groups are aimed at promoting in-depth and candid dialogue, these questions are usually targeted and open-ended. The use of moderators who are neutral encourages both negative and positive comments.

Furthermore, it is a common practice to encourage artisans to reveal their suggestions and ideas tort improvement and enhancement, a role that many surveys cannot obtain in details. Afterwards, responses are produced in an effort of identifying themes that are related to opportunity areas and strengths, and these results end up to be an essential platform used to prioritize goals, awake and plan a sense of urgency about opportunities for improvement within Warpath Gardens. Data collected by means of tools meant to build a sense of urgency can be made ‘laid in learning circles.

The distinct structure of these circles ensure that the director, patients, Cans and non-nursing staffs have equal opportunity and are on the same ground to participate actively. Participants in the learning circles arrange themselves in a circle with no hierarchy in the arrangement of seating. The initiator poses a topic or question for discussion. A volunteer in the learning circle responds to this topic with their insights and ideas, the person next to the volunteer does exactly as he did until all people around the learning circle get an opportunity to respond.