In the movie The Ringer, the main character, Jeffy Dahmer, tries to persuade competitors at the Special Olympics and the world that he is mentally retarded.

Although he manages to convince the world, he does not trick the competitors. Proving the phrase, “It takes one to know one”, right. Jeffy uses lies and loaded words to try to persuade people the he is mentally retarded. To begin, in the movie, The Ringer, Jeffy Dahmer uses lies to convince the people around him that he is mentally retarded. He changes his stature by adjusting the way he spoke and carried himself.

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He tried to adapt what he thought a person that had a mental disability would be like. His lies, did not manage to persuade the other Special Olympics competitors because, they would know better than anyone else whether he was lying or not. Furthermore, Jeffy Dahmer uses loaded words to try to persuade people that he is mentally retarded. He says sentences like, “My name is Jeffy, can i have a hug?”. These types of sentences tug the heart string and create a sympathetic reaction from the people Dahmer is trying to persuade. In conclusion Jeffy Dahmer used lies that were filled with loaded words and changed his personality to persuade people that he had a mental disability.

By doing this, he was able to win the Special Olympics.