Calsberge case study

We know all of activities’ required time ND Immediate predecessors, finding out the longest sequences of actively In a project plan. For example, from the started point of AY, its required time is 2 weeks and for Bal is 3 weeks.

AY ( the required time is seeks) must be following these two activities, the consequence is that AY start at the beginning of fourth week and is finishing in the end of eighth week. The longest sequence of this example is Bal and AY. Through the calculation of the longest sequence, the project complete in the 52 weeks and its critical path is AY and BI–> AY –> 85 86 –> AY AY 89 –> Bal 1 –> AY –> AY AY.

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Therefore, all of activities Involved In the path is critical, answer Is AY, Bal,AY, 85, 89, AY. In the real case, the project manager Is order to shorten the Implementation time, In the interest of gaining more the market’s share. In our case.

The list of activities could be ‘crashed’ by spreading the amount of budget. List of changeable activities: Code of Original time Crashed time Additional cost Activities (weeks) 2200 3900 7000 82 10 3200 85 1700 4 3 Question 3 What is the cheapest way to shorten the project duration by four weeks? Five weeks? Six weeks? The only activities to crash are the which part f critical path. Room path and that can be crashed are: we first because it is most effective one (3 weeks crashes d 3,900). Then 85, but did not effectively he whole project 89 blocked by 83 Fortunately these two tasks crashing 82. So man aged completion extra week.

Cost 3,900 1 ,700 1 ,600 7,200 duration had 5 weeks, which cost 7,200. Now total time weeks. Know cannot anymore look at following asks. Task after (2 week crushable 7,000). Want reduce Just week, gain Crashing would 3,500 7,000. Have costs: 10,700 14,200 Question 4 What is the maximum number of weeks by which the project can be shortened?

What will it cost to shorten the project by as many weeks as possible? The project can be shortened by 6 weeks maximum.

Based on the crash time for 6 activities (AY AY And 82 85 86), we can come up with the new numbers of weeks that each activity needs. According to the critical path we already found, we could see that 89 is an important activity. Once it was changed, 86 changed. So we also need to find how AY 83 88 changed. The crash of 85, 86 leaded to the change of AY and AY (1 7,21), so the crash of AY is invalid; The crash of 82 leaded to the change of CA, so 88 became (18,22); 82 changed 3 to (1 1. 1).

Then the time of 89 changed to (22,30). Since the earliest time for 89 is 22 anyway, and we crashed 85, 86 for one week each to make it’s final time 21, we could cancel Bi’s crash for its higher cost. Then we finally crash AY for 2 weeks. So the final time for AY was 46 followed by calculating. The total cost to shorten the project is AY+AY+B 5+82 5800 Conclusion: Since information given costs, possible provide general evaluation budget cost.

The business cycle traditionally required 24 months (approximately weeks). With CPM, Emote achieved decrease 45. 8% namely 52