Campaign Against KFC Corporation

Why is KEF not making any changes towards their poultry guidelines even after all the stunts and attacks by PETA? Recommended Course of Action: Create a campaign to teach Cuff’s consumers about all the animal cruelty that KEF puts its’ chickens through and start a boycott. Basis of Recommendation: Creating a campaign to teach Cuff’s consumers would let them realize exactly what PETA is fighting for and how much cruelty there is on Cuff’s part.

Knowledge is the main thing that consumers will need to understand. Without that knowledge, many consumers will not know what they are fighting for and will not understand the importance, therefore many consumers will not help PETA. The attacks and stunts Nil get consumers’ attentions but will not teach them exactly what is going on and how much cruelty there is. When consumers can finally understand what PETA is fighting for and why they are fighting KEF, only then will many consumers agree to Scott the fast food restaurant.

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When enough consumers boycott to the point where there is a loss in profit for KEF, will they finally make a change in their poultry guidelines that is acceptable to PETA.

Reasonable Alternatives: . Go to more KEF locations and keep doing the same stunts: a favorite stunt by PETA is planting young women in yellow bikinis at KEF outlets. They definitely attract much attention but the attention may not be helping very much in their cause.

The attention is not helping KEF change their guidelines and it’s not really teaching the consumers exactly what PETA is fighting for. 2. Create more new stunts and attacks: creating new stunts and attacks could be costly and time consuming.

Previous attacks and stunts seem to not work very well besides attracting attention. Again, PETA is getting the attention but not exactly teaching the knowledge that should be taught of exactly what they are fighting for. 3.

Keep trying to block Cuff’s good intentions: KEF eve $3,000 grants of asphalt for cities and PETA offered double if the cities would put “KEF Tortures Animals. ” Pet’s offer was rejected.

Every offer that would be made by PETA would most likely be rejected because not many other third parties would Ant to get in the middle of this fight between PETA and KEF. This option would Just be a waste of time in the end. Significant Factors: 1. Animal rights 2. Animal cruelty 3.

Moral differences . Differences in ethics 5. Freedom of speech . Corporate terrorism