A Campaign Against KFC

Corporation This is about controversy between people for ethical treatment of animals (PETA) which is an animal rights group and Kentucky fried Chicken (KFC) which is the world largest restaurant chain. It eventually leads to a campaign against the KFC regarding their cruelty in using chickens by KFC in its restaurants’. PETA decides to accuse KFC because it is unsatisfactory of their dealing with birds so roughly. The other issues are that they use unethical techniques by increasing their growth and weight.

This will result to skeletal deficiencies and many other kind of structural problems that affects chickens (698) We support PETA campaign against people for their Ethical treatment of Animals. This is because Many people around the world are mistreating animals, they enslave, beaten, and keep them to perform very had task for human entertainment (700) These animals are confined to tiny cages so that we eat them or even kill them, furthr more they are mutilated and burned, blinded, poisoned or cut alive in the purposes of experimentation. Some of them are electrocuted, skinned alive, strangled many other sought of inhumanity. This is very so painful especially to Gods creatures which breathe and uses blood. PETA is one of the largest organizations which are devoted to protect the rights of all animals.

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They focused to those animals which suffer for longest periods of time in laboratories, factories, in clothing trade and entertainment industry. They also deal with other issues such as abuse of backyard dogs, cruel killing of beavers, pest and birds (769) Some of the main Criticism that PETA makes of KFC is that know specific and more extensive changes the organization sought, these include: O Birds should be providing with more rooms to move around.O There is elimination of forced growth. O There is introduction of mechanize chicken catching. O ; KFC should introduce cameras in slaughterhouses.

O The Introduction of gas killing. O They should also allow for instinctive behavior of chickens.O They should have a timetable for introducing new genetic strains of chickens. These criticisms are convincing, because other companies except KFC started to work a line with the guidelines to protect the inhumane practices in their factories. Our Ethical and moral responsibility is to step out for this traditional, which is completely dominant of human over animals in unfair management because are living.

People interests are equal to consideration with human interests which is sentimental being capable of suffering. People in the businesses have placed profit as one of the chief factors without considering more worthy values such as Honesty, love piety, justice, respect for nature and truth. This is one of the main reasons for economies of large scale to business in the society.