In recent time using the television as a source of campaigning for the presidential election to make sure that Americans were able to be aware of what was happening at that time. In the year of 1980 80.

6 million people watched the election between Anderson, Carter, and Reagan (source D). That was the only year where there was above 70million people watching. By mentioning this television has not been a positive impact on the presidential election. People stopped watching between the years of 1984-1996, the number of viewers dropped drastically. Americans have started using other resources to get the same information they could get from sitting in front of the television for hours.

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Television now is mainly used for entertainment purposes only. The Internet, cell phone and radio have become three of the main sources people rely on to get information from about things that are happening around the world today. The television is no longer number one information provider about presidential elections. In 1984 T.V started losing more of their viewers (source D). Americans started getting tired of people of hearing so much about the elections every time they turned on the T.

V that they stopped watching. People get tired of viewing the same things over and over so eventually they just stopped watching. Every election pretty much happens they same way every year people run to become president they advertise their campaigns over commercials. Of course everybody want to hear what they have to say the first time but after you here it over and over it starts to get annoying, and you don’t even care about the election anymore. Also so people running for elections tell lies just for you to believe that they are actually going to do something to make a change. For example when Lyndon Johnson was running for reelection he was telling everyone that the law should and must be won.

Lyndon’s favorite newsman Walter Cronkite went to go see if what he was telling was really true, and Wassn’t, it was absolutely the opposite (source E). Showing that you should not always believe everything you hear without knowing the facts. People that might want to become your president might be the wrong one, but you might not even know because they’re telling you all this good stuff that you want to hear which might not always be the truth. Watching Television to hear about the presidential elections has not had a major impact on presidential election. Americans have now chosen other reliable sources to get the information they want to hear. People have move pass using the television to smaller and better things.