Can't wait to grow up!

I like being a kid, but being an adult seems much better ! Adult life is very easy and comfortable. There are things, about being a kid that I have to do, but my parents don’t. Every Friday at school, I have Math test, Social Studies test and oh yes, a Spelling test or dictation test too. Also, this is not the end. When Satarday and Sundays came, I wanted to go for some movie,or a playdate, I could not, because, my parents said -“It’s time to finish your passport trips.

” I am telling you the truth, I did not enjoy all of these. I wanted to go fishing, playing tennis or to watch a movie instead. Being a kid is really bad. I really don’t enjoy each day. Even my weekends are not that exciting.

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Everyday, I have to read for 15 minutes atleast, even when I don’t want to. can’t I play video games instead, I often wonder. My parents reply ” Yes,you can, only if you finish your work.” Can’t I be free for one day atleast? I always ask myself,”Do I have to finish my work daily? Is it necessary? Can’t I go to school, without my finished homework? When I grow up, I will make a calender with five Sundays and two school days, or maybe one day only. I am so excited, I just can’t wait to grow up !