Cardiff Airport Case Study

Please note: points 3-9 are delivered via the presentation slides you have created over the weeks in response to the seminar tasks.

Points 1, 2, 10 and 11 are additional content you will need to provide in your portfolio to complete the strategy. These can be created as additional Powering slides or as Word documents – It’s up to you. 1 . Exec Summary: should succinctly and clearly summaries the results of your analysis 2. Vision/Mission Analysis: should clearly state where the business Is now and how you envision the future. 3.

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Ethical Policies.

You should clearly state and centralize your ethical trading policies for Cardiff Airport that will underpin your strategy development. 4. External Environment: your analysis of the Cardiff Airport’s external environment should demonstrate an awareness of those factors both domestic and International that may Impact upon the business and Its ability to achieve a sustainable competitive position. It should be clear that you not only appreciate that those factors exist, but what the Likely Impact of those factors might be to the business and the industry within which it is set. 5.

Industry Environment: it’s vital that you understand Cardiff Airport’s competitive position. Porter’s 5 Forces model will help you develop this understanding. You must demonstrate a clear understanding of the airport’s position in the industry relative to the other competitors, suppliers, customers etc. You should also show that you have applied the results of your environmental analysis to the 5 forces analysis where appropriate. 6. Internal analysis: should use all the available resources to identify the intangible and tangible resources the airport can deploy in support of its strategy.

There is information that I have given you to help you provide a detailed assessment of the physical resources, however, information relating to the less tangible resources will be harder to come by, so less detail will be required. Similarly, your assessment of the internal culture is likely to be your personal view based upon the evidence you have rather than a statement based upon empirical evidence. 7. Financial Analysis: a limited amount of financial information is available on Blackboard, but company intelligence databases such as FAME, available via the library website, should help fill n the gaps.

In this section you should aim to complete as much of the information as you can. 8.

SOOT: should demonstrate your ability to synthesize the data from previous section of the analysis to Identify the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing Cardiff Airport. 9. Strategic Options: you should show a cogent and coherent approach to Informing your choice of options for Cardiff Airport. It should be clear how your analysis to this point has Informed these choices. No more than two choices are required. 10.

Choice and Action Plan: you should Identify not Just your chosen option, but should provide a brief (not more than 200 word) justification for that choice. You action plan should contain the key milestones for the achievement of your plan, together with due dates and ownership. It’s unlikely that you will be able to name individuals to ‘own’ activities, so it will be acceptable for you to use functions or departments instead. These activities should relate clearly to your strategy choice and should plainly be informed by your analysis. 1 1 .

Conclusion: you should discuss the key issues / challenges / problems with the planning process as you nave experienced It, Arlene Trot ten renditions you nave made along the way.

12. Coherence: it’s vital that your strategy should be coherent I. E. There must be a logical, orderly, and structurally consistent relationship between and across the various sections of strategy. 13.

Presentation: the presentation of this document should be clear and professional. Your slides should be brief but complete and understandable. Your design should be consistent across the document.