Bermingham International Airport Case Study

The operations management staff have o responsibly complete their tasks in time. The operations managers are partially responsible for planning part also.

Every day is not the same at the airport. If some emergency situations occur, or some unforeseen circumstances hit the arena of the airport, the operational managements system has to be at the site of incident and disposal of service of customers. The main responsibility of the operational managers is to handle the on – site operations related to the activities of the runway and as soon as you exit the ounce exit door and head towards the air craft.

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The operational managers have to specifically schedule the standing slots allocated differently for each of the aircraft. They need to plan the change in standing slots for the aircrafts and keep on revising and updating the schedule as one aircraft leaves and the other comes in. Considering a 30 minutes time slot, around 20 aircrafts are regulated of arrival and departure flights so one can imagine how crucial that 30 minutes would be and how critically fool proof planning is required to streamline every activity.

Operational management staff has to clear the runway when the unexpected snowfall or rainfall strikes the runway. The staff has to have certain back up contingency plans so that if one plan would not work, there has to be other on the back end, to avoid any discrepancy on run time. The problems never come with a warning, but when arrived, they need to be dealt with smartness, responsiveness and intelligence so that the integrity of the activities and operations remain intact and the ambiance of the airport is not disrupted and the customers (passengers) are not annoyed.

The operational management staff has to be very diligent in completing their tasks responsibly and even take right initiatives when required instead of waiting hours and wasting time for the higher authorities to come and take charge of the situation. Therefore, there has to be back up plans for execution in such cases.

The operational management staff are though not responsible for the handling of luggage but still it is part of their core Job to assist and facilitate the customers as much as they can and in the best place making it a prime most activity of their Job.

They may even have to pick the baggage’s to make them align to facilitate the customers. The even have to provide information services which is yet again not their task, but saying no to customer is out of question, they need to be pro in every work area and keep the updated status of whatever is happening at the airport. In case some emergency exit or evacuation is required, they are responsible for shifting the passengers in the safest possible places and then allocating them back to their original position so that the passengers won’t have to go through the entire process again.

The operational management NAS to be dully aware to all the possible queries regarding the security checks, the passenger lounges, the rest rooms, the toilets, roads and railways transport, hotels residence, malls at the airport, cafe©s and restaurants, and so on. Q: Key responsibilities of Operations Director.

Ere operations management domain is a quite complex and active area of work at the airport. It involves the sharp reflexes to take initiatives, strong will power to drive the team and align them to work coherently in a single direction that drives value to output.

The main responsibilities of operations director are to coordinate the efforts of the underlying staff. Without coordination, the individual efforts are of no use. Mr.

. Richard, who is the operational director, is responsible for handling and supervising over 600 employees (operational managers) under his command. To keep upright the Norm activities, strong leadership, understanding, organizational level intelligence, responsiveness and sharp reflexes are required. It is a crucial issue to manage and handle such an entirely big staff.

He is not Just responsible for the infrastructure velveteen but is also mainly responsible for the successful, timely execution of projects and string coordination and leadership to control them.

The director is concerned at the increase in efficiency of the operational activities that drives value. Ere director is also responsible to handle many off site community groups as well “ho are in charge of transportation to improve and monitor the environment. He is solely responsible for the coordination and setting up strict safety measures to ensure enhanced customer service standards.

Main Issues / problems: he operational director claims that managing the airport operations is a very challenging task but an exciting one too. The operational director has to keep up the safety measures and keep up the best customer service standards and take that every loop hole is stuffed is not an over day work but requires long sleepless nights.

His main issue is to maintain an updated status of about everything at the airport that all the services are well stocked and in their first best condition at the disposal of the passengers.

He is a very responsible man, but he is also aware of the issue that he local economy is dependent on the proper operations of the airport. The exports and the inward investment is also dependent on how the airport operational activities are been taken care of, which is a very critical issue. The Job of operational manager actually makes the difference. A very critical part of his Job is to understand the problems of diverse team and then develop a spirit of cooperation to make all of them work together as a united team.

He needs to make planning of the renewal and development of new processes for better services in case of emergency or hazardous tuitions or red alerts.

The operational director is responsible for executing the development and implementation of all the newly contracted projects, including the building if catering outlets, the extending or renovation of the car parking areas, and other people mover systems. He is responsible for forecasting the number of passengers to be accommodated with such new projects and develop these big budget projects to facilitate the increasing number of passengers every year.

As the number of passengers grows every year, the operational needs also increase with an upward shift. This requires a heavy budget allocation for the new projects development and implementation which is in the hand of the operational director. He is solely responsible for making operational plans along with other superior team members to work efficiently.

Q# relationship between day to day tasks and long term planning: Mr.. Richard is responsible for managing and controlling the entire operational management system which involves safety management systems, facilities management and engineering services team also.

The operational manager s responsible to make long term plans for unforeseen circumstances such as when the numbers of passengers are on the rise and the facilities are falling short, there is need to expand the infrastructure and all the entire services panel associated with it. This major task is under the supervision of the operational director, it is a long term plan that needs a strategy and evaluation supported by ample experience. This is a long term planning part and it is directly related to the day to day operational part.

For instance, if there is a striking increase in the number of passengers, there re going to be long waiting lines, the stuffing and packing of the visitors and passengers occupies more space in the lounges, rest rooms, restaurant, toilets and even at the information desks, parking slots, the delays are troublesome and agonizing. The operational staff would also be preoccupied serving the large number of passengers’ base and this would disturb the proper functioning of the entire system. Moreover, in emergency situations if there is no back end long term planning, nothing can be developed and executed on time.

Only there be hassle and anxiety surfacing the operational staff and in such situation the passengers will soon be in the trauma. Therefore, long term operational planning is also involved which can be used in the time of need. The day to day tasks are always based on the experience of happening of activities in the past.

Although the natures of day to day activities differ, there may be repetitive activities and there may be new activities taking place every day. However, through enough experience and knowledge plans are developed based on the Judgments and experiences of the past activities.

The day to day tasks also depend on the long term plans because the operational activities are of such complex nature and are so diversified that a huge repository of information is required and delivered to the entire operation staff. BIB is one of the Normal’s biggest airports and the operational activities are at the heart of the working of BIB. The best practices and standardized processes must be employed and kept updated to make the customer experience special and valuable one. The operational team does its best to deliver the best of its information and services.