Career Decision

“Mom, I’m going to choose Art as my major.” “No, you can’t. You will regret it! I’ve already chose a job for you.

You have to take finance. That’s it.” Several conversations similar to this usually ensue repeatedly in the following days in most high school students’ family before their graduation. Parents, acting on their experiences, seem to have known what the right paths are for their children even though their children haven’t totally grown up. They seldom consider what their children feel like or let their children decide on their own occupation in the future.

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Why do parents always feel right and justifiable when they make decision for their children? In most Asian parents’ opinions, not only have they given the birth to their children, but they have offered the best of their own to their children. By reason of this, they must to model their children into what they feel right or profitable. In a way, traditional speaking, instead of taking kind care of their children, they take pet care of them. Children, more like pet animals, just be faithful and obedient to their masters— parents. And objection or disobediences will be regarded as resistance, which will certainly incur severe reproof. In their views, any occupations with no linking with money, will surely result in unhappiness finally, as it conversely, thus, more or less, will have an influence upon their life.

According to the study by Keller(2004), it documented that if parents were supported their children, their children would be more confidence to choose an interesting and exiting career by their own. However, parents should consider what their children feel like and let heir children choose to themselves.