Career Investigation Report

s prepared for Introduction to Sports Management, taught by Professor Dyer. Section 1: Personal Inventory 1. ) I am a very nice, down to earth, humble kind of guy and I have ability to be a great leader and I lead by example. 3A.

) Best Personal Accomplishments: 1. ) Team Captain all fours years of my High School Varsity Tennis career and Captain my last two years on Varsity Football team. * Skills: Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, nice, great personality, extremely hard worker, always helping others to succeed, team player, never back down, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and mental and emotional strength. . ) State doubles champion my senior year and All-state first team honors. * Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, extremely hard worker, mentally strong, never backs down, fighter, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and emotionally strong.

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3. ) Lead Lifeguard at a resort after only one year when it usually takes three years. * Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, hard worker, follow directions, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and mentally strong. B. ) Skills most frequently used: Leader, extremely hard worker, mentally and emotionally strong, Responsible, respectful, determined, reliable, and always doing the extra thing to get ahead.

3C. ) Most Important: 1. ) Leader, 2. ) Hard worker, 3. ) Reliable 4. ) Responsible 5.

) Determined 6. ) Mentally Strong. 4. ) Leader, Hard Worker, Reliable, Responsible, Determined, and nice. 2.

)People I admire and their Qualities/Characterisitics:Gordon ZawtunTennis Coach| Suzie MooreMother| Peter SmithFriend| Randall BlalockHigh School Coach| Gorton DeMondGrandfather| NiceCaringOutgoingKindheartedLeaderHumbleResponsibleDetermin edFather FigureHard WorkerSuccessfulTakes InitiativeVocalRespectfulReliableFunny| NiceCaringDown to earthResponsibleVery HumbleVery hard workerDeterminedPerseveranceOutgoingAlways HelpfulNever let us failLoves kidsRespectfulReliableSuccessfulFunny| Nice CaringOutgoingLeaderHumbleResponsibleHard workerSuccessfulNever lets anyone ownRespectfulReliableFunny| OutgoingLeaderRespectfulResponsibleReliableHumbleHard workerSuccessfulOutgoingDetermined| Great personFather FigureAlways helpfulHumbleLeaderReliableSuccessfulOutgoingCaringFunnyHard Worker| 5. ) I found that there are so many different people in my life that have influenced me in such a great way by teaching me how to earn the respect of others and to be highly liked by everyone. By being around all of these great people, I have learned to be nice, caring, outgoing, kind hearted, responsible, determined, reliable, respectful, vocal, humble, and to work extremely hard at whatever I do in life.By learning all of these great influential characteristics, I have transformed into a great leader and a great human being who is fun to be around. I was the captain of my high school varsity tennis team for all 4 years and I was also the captain of my varsity football team for my final 2 years of high school, and without those skills that I learned from my mentors and family, I would never have been able to achieve what I believe to be the highest ranking you can receive on a sports team.I was able to lead my teams and be the main person everyone looked to if they had a question, needed to talk, or even if there was a conflict between each other.

I was always there for all my teammates and even my co-workers at the resort I have worked at for the past 2 years as a lifeguard. All of those skills have come into play at some point in my life whether it is in tennis, football, work, or even in life, and I used them really well to help in any way that I could in any situation.My mom and Gordon have been the most influential people in my life because they have always been there for me and I have known them for my whole life. My mom always taught me as a young boy to always be caring and nice to whomever I meet and to always show respect because it will always end up coming back to you in a good way. I have used that philosophy my whole life and it has gotten me to great places and I have met great people by just acting the way my mom showed me to. She is the hardest worker I have ever come across, because she was a single mom ith 3 kids and worked 3 different jobs just to support us and she always found a way to spend a lot of time with us.

All 3 of her kids have received scholarships for tennis to 4-year universities and it is all thanks to her showing us how to work hard at whatever we do in life so that we can have everything we want. Gordon was also very influential on my life because he has been like a father to me ever since my father left us when we were younger and he has taught me to always work as hard as I can and it will all payout in the end.I learned to be so caring by being around him, because he always helps kids to succeed at whatever they do and he took my family and I into his home when we were younger and didn’t have a place to live and there are not a lot of people in this world who would do that for someone and it has showed me to always be caring and nice to others and help out in any way I can. Section 2: Sport Career Research * Ranks: 1. ) Promotion 2.

) Performance 3. ) Production I was most fascinated with the Promotion aspect of the Sport Industry because it has all of the marketing aspects and has to do mostly with players and directly with teams.I have always wanted to be a sports agent ever since I was a little boy and by researching all of the different jobs and internships there are out there, it made me even more interested in that career field. There were so many jobs that had to do with working with players and working with teams in their front offices, that it just excites me even more to pursue a job in the promotion area of the sport industry. I found jobs that worked with sport medicine, managing tickets, managing players, and even being a part of the front office of big sport organizations.

I looked on several websites and there was an internship with an Athlete Representation Firm that they are hiring now. That is my dream job to work as a sport agent and I really want to look more into other internships in that part of the sport industry when I am out of college or even during the summers. There was a job to work in the marketing department for the Atlanta Hawks and that sounds amazing because they get to deal with marketing the team, players, and even the community, which sounds so great.Another job that was posted, was to be an intern under one of the managing partners for an NFL team and that sounds like so much fun and it has to do with what I want to do with my career, because you get to be around the players and get to see what goes on in the business side of a huge sport organization. Also, there was a job working for the Anschutz Entertainment Group in which they were looking for people to intern at many of their great facilities around the world by managing event and other things, and that sounds like such a great opportunity and something that I would enjoy doing.All of these jobs that I have talked about seem like so much fun and I know I would have a great time working in any one of them.

I ranked the 3 Sport Industry Segments as such, promotion, performance, and then production. I have promotion ranked first, because it has to do with the marketing side for the players and organizations of the Sport Industry, which is what I am really interested in. Second, I have performance because it has to do with college sports teams and different sports facilities, which is also something that I am really interested in.Third, I have production because it is the least appealing to me in terms that it is mostly involving the marketing of apparel and managing stores, which I don’t want to do. Section 3: Industry Research Part II After all of the research that I have done, I am still in agreement with my Sport Industry Segment and I still would love to be a sport agent or be in the front office of a professional sports team. I researched every other segment of the Sport Industry and I could not find another one that appealed to me more than being a sport agent or being in the front office.

I loved everything I read about being a sport agent and it just made me want to be one even more now. Sport agents get to deal hands on with players, teams, sponsors, etc. and it just really excites me because that’s all I have ever wanted to do my whole entire life. I love negotiating with people and being in charge with whatever I do and by being a sport agent I would get the opportunity to be able to negotiate contracts and also set up different engagements players go to and participate in and to me that is so much fun.I am even more confident now than I was before doing all the research, because now I know even more perks of the jobs and all of the things that they get to deal with on a daily basis. I know sport agents have to work extremely hard and really long hours, but I love working hard and I love dealing with all of those things that the job is related to, that I will love being a sport agent no matter how difficult it becomes.

As long as you love the job that you are doing and you are good at it then it is totally worth it, rather than have a job that you are absolutely miserable doing and its just no fun at all.The promotion segment I am still in love with, because there are numerous jobs in the section that I would love doing and that’s all that matters to me is that I love my job and that I have fun with it. Section 4: Career Goals Action Plan & Timeline Career Goals Action Plan: My goal is to eventually be working in the Promotion segment of the Sport Industry as a sport agent one day. I plan on earning $200-250 thousand a year by the time I am 40 years old. I know it’s a pretty large amount to get to but if I work hard enough I know I will achieve my goal and eventually be the top sport agent in sports by the time I retire.My goals are pretty high up there but I know that I will work harder then anyone else and that’s what separates me from the others.

I plan on going to law school after I graduate because in order to be a great sport agent you need to know all of the legal side for when you are negotiating large contracts for teams or for sponsorships. During college I plan on getting an internship at a local sports team or with the athletic department at Indiana Tech, working with player personnel or something to do with management.During the summers I want to get an internship for a Sport Agency company and hopefully get a full time job there after I complete law school. Timeline: September 2011: Apply for an internship with a local sport organization and with the schools Athletic Department. February 2012: Be an Intern for one of the Sport Organizations or Athletic Department and have a 3. 5 GPA or higher.

Summer 2012: Be an intern for the Boras Corp in Newport Beach, California and work there every summer until I graduate from college. September 2014: Apply to many law schools around the country and have at least a 3. GPA. April 2015: Be accepted to the University of Southern California School of Law and apply for an internship with the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers. May 2015: Graduate from Indiana Institute of Technology with honors. September 2015: Start Law school and hopefully my non-paid internship with the Lakers or Clippers.

May 2017: Graduate from law school at the top of my class and be hired as a full time Sport Agent for the Boras Corp making $70,000 a year. June 2017: Start my full-time job at the Boras Corp.June 2019: Move my way up through the ranks by signing big clients and negotiating good deals and make $80,000 a year. June 2020: I hope to be one of the top young sport agents in the firm and be well known throughout the Sport Industry. Section 5: C. I.

R. Project Summary By doing this paper I have learned so many new things about the Sport Industry and all of the extraordinary things it has to offer. I have fallen in love with the aspect of working in the Promotion segment of the Sport Industry because it offers so many great and exciting jobs that appealed the most to me.Being a sport agent has always been my dream job and now I want to work twice as hard so that I can achieve my highest goal, which is to be the best sport agent out there. After all of the information I found, sport agents have to work extremely hard but they are doing something that they love and that’s all that should matter when you are doing your dream job. As long as I am having fun doing my dream job and that matters more to me then how much money I earn or how famous I am.

I learned more about myself through this paper than I ever would have known before.By thinking long and hard about my personal characteristics and those characteristics of the people who have influenced me my whole life, I learned that I really want to succeed in life and that I know I was grown up with great morals because of who I learned them from. I learned that I am a true leader and I always want people to succeed no matter how hard something in life may be. I grew up being an honest hardworking child with two sisters and a mom who always worked and it taught me that in order to succeed in life you have to work you’re very hardest to achieve your goals and that is what I am doing right now.I have already accomplished some of my goals, but I still have many more to complete by the time I retire and or die. I plan on using all of my skills that I mentioned earlier, throughout my whole life and through all of my jobs and internships, because I know that they will help me get ahead of all the others.

I plan on being very nice, humble, determined, responsible, and a leader in my jobs because it allows my employer to know who I truly am and how great of a person I am and how I get along with all my co-workers and that sets me apart from all the others.I hope to gain a lot of experience from now until the time I graduate by doing internships for Organizations and athletic departments, because experience is the most important thing needed to get ahead in a job. I need to work even harder now that I know how hard others are working and that’s one of the greatest qualities I need to work on. Another quality is, I need to become a greater leader because I can always work hard at something to make it an even stronger characteristic of mine.