Caribbean Studies Essay

Student: Adrian Batson Question: Describe the factors that have led Caribbean migrants living in the metropolitan countries to create a home away from home: According to a definition taken from Wikipedia a metropolitan area is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories, sharing industry, infrastructure, and housing. A migrant can be defined as one that moves from one region to another by chance, instinct, or plan.

The Culture of migration that characterizes Caribbean societies sees migration as a means to a better life, increased financial and educational opportunities especially for their children. For this reason many migrants choose to create a new home in these metropolitan countries.

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The greater variety of opportunities provided by these metropolitan countries is a main factor that has led to migrants living in the metropolitan countries to create a home away from home. These countries have more educational opportunities from High schools to top Universities. However, why is it that migrants don’t just get an education and return?

It is because when they become qualified their native country sometimes does not have the job opportunities to fully utilize their skills. The salaries afforded by the native countries are also not commensurate with that paid by the metropolitan societies. They also have more Job opportunities in a wide range of fields while the Caribbean has a limited amount of job and educational opportunities.

In cases where loans were taken to finance studies, it is more economical to study abroad and pay back loans, whether the loans be abroad or at home. Another factor is politics.

Depending on the political climate, Caribbean migrants may decide to stay away if they feel uncomfortable about the leader that has been elected in their home country and think that the change in government will bring an economic downturn. As a result of new government, fewer jobs may be generated and migrants may decide to live away where they have a better chance of getting a job. In the Caribbean change of government also tends to bring with it loss of jobs for some non- supporters. It may be more feasible for relatives to work abroad and send remittances home to help family.

Also, the political systems in metropolitan countries are more impersonal compared the Caribbean system of Government. Due to the fact that our islands are so small, citizens can fall prey to spite if the Leader of the country wishes. It may be more favorable for some migrants to be in a more impersonal political setting. Environmental conditions may also be a contributing factor. Because of the regular occurrences of natural disasters in our region, migrants may feel more comfortable living away where they don’t have to constantly worry about natural disasters destroying their possessions.

The conditions after a natural disaster such as drought, loss of power and the reduction of and scarcity of other basic needs may lead migrants to live away to avoid these harsh conditions.

To summarize, Caribbean migrants living in metropolitan countries may create a home in away from their native home due to three factors. They may be attracted to the wide range of opportunities of the metropolitan countries which doesn’t limit their potential, discouraged to return because of the political climate or the environmental conditions.